Matthew McGrory

Matthew McGrory (* 17. May 1973 in west Chester, Pennsylvania, the USA; † 9. August 2005 in Los Angeles, California) was an US-American actor.

Matthew McGrory came already as a large child to world: 7.5 kg heavily and 61 cm largely. It should grow up to a particularly large man. To its 2.29 meters body size came its shoe size 29 ½ (British and/or. US size; corresponds approx. to German size 70/71) - and thus he was located in the Guinness book of the records as humans with the largest feet. Like that it was nearly inevitable that its pointed name was Bigfoot. Before its film career McGrory studied jurisprudence.

Its film career began it 1997 in the Fernsehshow Howard star. Due to its size it was suited for certain roles. So it had a first noteworthy appearance as Alien in Men in Black II and in several B-Movies. It played its most well-known role in Tim Burtons fantastischem fairy tale film bends fish. Here it embodied the giant Karl, who makes friends himself with the hero of history. Also in the Comicverfilmung Constantine it - suitably its feature - played a Dämon.

To 9. August 2005 deceased to Matthew McGrory of a natural death. Up to its death he worked on a film over the life history of the riesenwüchsigen Wrestlers André the Giant (André Rousimmoff).

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