Matthias Jorissen

Matthias Jorissen (* 26. October 1739 in Wesel; † 13. January 1823 into the Hague, the Netherlands) was a German minister and church song poet.

Matthias Jorissen, born as a buyer son, was active a relative of Gerhard Tersteegen, since 1769 as reformed ministers in Netherlands municipalities. From 1782 to 1819 he was a Prediger of the German municipality into the Hague.

He wrote the new Bereimung of the Psalmen, which developed around 1793 and appeared 1798, and you displaced Psalmlieder of praise water in the church singing of the reformed municipalities.

Matthias Jorissen is a text poet of numerous church songs, under it:

  • Jauchzt, all country, God in honours (Psalm 66) (EEC 279)
  • rise it, our God (HP of 68) (EEC 281)
  • as lovely beautifully, Mr. Zebaoth (HP of 84) (EEC 282)
  • , sings new songs (HP of 98 ) (EEC 286) Strophen 2.5.7 from
  • now sings gentlemen to that thank God, raise and praise (HP of 105) (EEC 290)
  • praises God, the master of the glory (to HP of 134) (EEC 300)
  • Strophen 4 and 5 of like the deer after fresh source (HP of 42) (EEC 600 Württemberg)

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