Matthias roar

to Matthias “Gonzo” roar (* 16. April 1962) was to be published guitarist with the skirt volumes Böhse Onkelz from 1981 to the decision (2004) of the four volume members no more Songs. After the end that volume gave roars admits to want to be active further as musicians.

Roar buildup in Frankfurt area, in a strictly catholic family. Their father its three brothers and sisters and he get only rarely to face, since he is busy the week over in its food shop and later in its opened kiosk in Frankfurt. Pipe family often changes the residence, Frankfurt however always remains in the region. Already at the age of twelve years it begins to play guitar. Despite its strict education and its recent age notices roars very fast, what in the life is important to it. The service always repeating and the ministers, which try all the time to make from it better humans do not belong to themselves clearly. But the music did it to it. It schmeisst its money with friends together, in order to be able to afford guitar instruction. After few weeks it breaks instruction off however again, it wants correct music to play, no people music or endless scales. Sold roar a little later his guitar, buys for it a E-bass and rises thereupon in school volume in. When it enters 1980 into the Frankfurt Punk scene, it has several volume experiences collected to it as a fourth member in the year 1981 into the volume Böhse Onkelz already finally enters, in which it plays first bass. Still before the first publications of the Böhsen Onkelz on the Sampler sound TRACK to the fall 2 it changes due to its high gift however again to the guitar.


Gonzo changed so far for each route nearly its complete Equpiment. So were mostly in the early years guitars of the type “Gibson SG” which it for photographs and concerts used, to be seen is these e.g. on “live ones in Dortmund” of 1996.

  • Route 2000: Guild SG Custom/rack with marshal IMP preliminary stage and Mesa/Boogie output stage + marshal 4x12er boxes
  • 20 years live ones in Frankfurt: Fender standard Stratocaster with Humbucker at the bar position/rack with marshal IMP preliminary stage and Mesa/Boogie output stage + marshal 4x12er boxes
  • route 2002: Gibson Flying V Limited edition (with exchanged mechanisms)/Engl Special edition Top + Engl 4x12er boxes
  • club route 2003: Exchange 665 S blue/white/Engl Special edition Top + Engl 4x12er boxes
  • open airs 2003 (Loreley, Ferropolis): Exchange 665 S black/Engl Special edition Top + Engl 4x12er boxes
  • Rolling Stones support 2003: Exchange Dragonfly Custom/Engl Special edition Top + Engl 4x12er boxes
  • route 2004: Exchange Dragonfly Custom - Gibson Flying V (for “hated, condemn, God ore and “fire”) - Gibson Les Paul Classic with Dropped D Tuning (for “,” and “superstar”)/Engl Special edition Top + Engl 4x12er boxes
  • parting concert 2005: To Fender Stratocaster Custom of models, which Gonzo arranged/Fender Bassman, Fender Custom Shop '57, Fender pro Sonic Amp + marshal Box

with all concerts of the last years used it in addition the Gibson SG double-hit a corner for the Songs “nothing is for the eternity” as well as “memory” is given away for “again times 'nen day”, the moreover one a Martin Eric Clapton Signature acoustics guitar and “I in you”


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