Matthias Schmidt

Matthias Schmidt (* 1952) is a German historian, that among other things in his thesis Masking Albert Speers over his role in the time of the national socialism uncovered.

Schmidt attained a doctorate to Friedrich Meinecke institute for historical research of the free University of Berlin in west Berlin with Professor. Dr. Loock. it could take view of original documents from the surrounding field of the management of building of generals Berlin to 1980 with Rudolf Wolters.

Wolters had been a friend and a coworker of many years of the Hitler architect and later LV arms Minister Albert Speers, since 1941 at the chronicle of the Speerdienststellen had written and Speers Kassiber from the prison Spandau had kept. The chronicle documented the participation of Speers in the Judenentmietungen in such a way specified in Berlin. Speer had referred Schmidt to Wolters. Wolters, which after its release from custody 1966 with Speer überworfen themselves had, made a unbereinigte version of the chronicle of the Speerdienststellen , which Speer had sent 1969 in the “version cleaned by Wolters 1964 „to federal archives in Koblenz accessible for the graduate student Schmidt.

Schmidt referred these sources into its exposing thesis, the 1982, briefly after Speers death, when book was published. Thus Schmidt solved one to today continuous discussion over Speers role in the 3. Richly and the picture had drawn, Speer in its memoirs of itself, out. Among the reproaches Jews from their dwellings and the city rank systematic driving out politics of the citizens of Berlin in September 1938, still before the Reichspogromnacht, by Albert Speer in the course of the crazy Germaniapläne. Also over concentration camps such as central tract Dora must it the full truth admits to have been.

In Heinrich Breloers documentation series “Speer and it” (2005) becomes in the consequence “sequel - which repeats deception” the work of the historians Matthias Schmidt, Susanne wanting Ems, Eckart Dietzfelbinger and Jens Christian Wagner.

Schmidt manages today a company for economics and investment advice.


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