Matthys Naiveu

Matthys Naiveu (baptized 16. April 1647 in suffering; † around 1721 in Amsterdam), was a Netherlands painter.

Maler von Genrebildern, Porträts, und Stilleben de Religiösen Bildern. The knowledge over Naiveu is essentially based on the data of Arnold Houbraken. Afterwards it was only pupil of the Abraham Toorenvliet and then the Gerard Dou. der 1671 de Mitglied del wurde er Lukasgilde von Leiden. 1677 it was Hoofdman (chairman) of its hometown. In the same year it moved to Amsterdam. To 9. March 1696 he became citizen of Amsterdam.

selecting works

  • Amsterdam, of Amsterdam historically museum
    • Amsterdamer road scene. 1696
    • category scene with Quacksalber. 1696
    • category scene with shoemaker.
  • Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
    • the holy Hieronymus. 1679
    • stage performance in the free one.
  • Boston, museo del ein fino
    • Junge del und de Ein Mädchen de los artes spielen mit Seifenblasen.
  • Copenhagen, Statens museum for art
    • the holy Hieronymus.
  • Suffer, Stedelijk museum „De Lakenhal “
    • attendance in the kindergarten. 1700
    • attendance with the cloth dealer. 1709
  • New York, metropolitan museum OF kind
    • the newborn child. 1675
  • Nuremberg, Germanic national museum
    • the gehörnte father. after 1700
  • Paris, Musée national you Louvre
    • portrait of a young woman with dog. 1678
  • want-Ems-grope (Curaçao), Ambtswoning governor van de Nederlandse Antilleses
    • boy woman with parrot. 1715
  • the whereabouts unknown
    • Selbstbildnis in a window. 1670 (at the 11. January 1996 with Sotheby' s in London auctioneers)
    • smoking man in a yard. 1690 (to 24. April 1995 with Sotheby' s in New York auctioneered)
    • boy woman in the window gives wine out. around 1715 (to 24. March 2004 in the Doritheum in Vienna auctioneers)
    • boy woman in the window with fruits and oysters. (to 18. October 1995 with Sotheby' s in London auctioneered)
    • Interieur with a distinguished woman and a farm servant a child the hair combs. (to 30. January 1997 with Sotheby' s in New York auctioneered)
    • distinguished pair of servants serves. (at the 1. July 1997 at Phillips Son & Neale in London auctioneers)
    • still lives with jug, lemons and oysters. (at the 3. July 1997 with Christie' s in London auctioneers)
    • the twitching of the holy Antonius. (to 21. June 1999 with Drouot Richelieu in Paris auctioneers)
    • Interieur with distinguished society. (to 4. October 2000im Dorotheum in Vienna auctioneers)
    • still lives with hanging Weintrauben and Granatapfel. (until at least April 2002 in art action Hoogsteder more &Hoogsteder in the Hague)
    • portrait of a man. (11. June 2003 in the Dorotheum in Vienna auctioneers)


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