Mattias Ekström

Mattias Ekström (June 2004)

Mattias Ekström (* 14. July 1978 in Falun/Sweden) is a Swedish author driver and the son of the ex Rallycross European-wide well-known into the 1990ern - driver Bengt Ekström. Its life companion (= Sambo) is the well-known Swedish Rallye pillion passenger Tina Thörner. Ekströms official residence is Krylbo in Sweden.


Ekström began its racing career 1993 in the Swedish Kartmeisterschaft. Over the Swedish Renault-R5 - Cup, which he could win 1996, he came 1997 into the Swedish route car championship, where he reached at first attempt a second total rank and as the Rookie OF the year was explained. it won 1999 in an AUDI A4 quattro from the team of the ex-Rallycross-driver Tommy Kristoffersson the Swedish route car championship. In the year 2001 it changed into German of Tourenwagen Masters to the team abbott AUDI, for which it drove three years in an AUDI TT-R and fought for thereby 2002 the DTM Bronzemedaille. In the season 2004 it won the German of Tourenwagen Masters in an abbott AUDI A4 DTM, 2005 occupied it the 2. Place in the final account.

Parallel to the DTM Ekström is also still sporadically in the Rallyesport active. With the Rallye Sweden 2004 it became something surprisingly total winners of the group of N and proved thereby finally its talent as Allrounder.

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