the Matumbi are a Ethnie in the today's Tanzania, in whose area 1905 the Maji Maji rebellion broke out.

They had remained exempted because of their compartmentation outward and the hard-to-travel mountains from the slave hunts in before-colonial time. Therefore they maintained their completely own rule and religion, which also the new colonial gentlemen Deutsch-Ostafrikas not much wear could. Within its Klans there was a very strong co-operation, which created protection against slave hunters and other enemies from the outside with the Matumbi. This showed up in a drum warning system, which was used also in the Maji Maji rebellion.

According to Karl Martin sea-mountain the Matumbi became ever more impatient: „We have the medicine and are courageous people. Why are we to wait? “Like that the Matumbi for the Erstschlag was against the colonial gentlemen suited and logically came it in such a way.

The trunk of the name is “Matumbi” of which by the morphologic prefixes “Wa” (Ethnie), “AI” (language), “U” (country) and “M” (the individual member) to be extended could.

Example: A Mmatumbi comes from Umatumbi, speaks Kimatumbi and belongs to the Wamatumbi.


  • Karl Martin sea-mountain: The Maji Maji war against German colonial rule. Dietrich Reimer publishing house, Berlin 1989, ISBN 3496004819

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