Maud Iceland

Maud Iceland (in the Maori language: Width unit Hoiere ) is a small island belonging to New Zealand. It is with approximately 310 hectars the second largest island in the Marlborough sound, a Inselgruppe in the Cookstrasse.


on Maud Iceland is a nature reservation of high zoo-logical importance, into which only scientists and Naturschützer have admission. Visitors may only with special permission on the island. 1974 could be introduced owing to the efforts of the Ornithologen of New Zealand Don Merton of the Kakapo or owl parrot here. On the 86 individuals of this species 17 on Maud Iceland lives. Also the Takahe (a rare Ralle of New Zealand) was brought 1985 on raubtier and rat-free island and a second homeland was found here. A further rare animal species on this island is the Pakeka or Maud Iceland frog (Leiopelma pakeka), which one only 1998 of the Hamilton Urfrosch (Leiopelma hamiltoni) abgespalten has and since then as own kind regards.

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