Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (* 29. December 1937) is a president of the Maldives. Gayoom replaced the former president Ibrahim Nasir. In October 2003 it was red-elect with 90.28% of the voices. He was the only candidate and by the parliament Majlis was selected. The choice had the form available of a popular vote, it stood only the options “” or “no”.

Gayoom is criticized for its autocratic style of leadership and applies in far circles as a dictator. According to Amnesty international gave it in the year 2003 “heavy restrictions concerning Pressefreiheit, political parties in its activity was obstructed”. In September 2003 rebellions broke out, in whose consequence arrests were made. Also shots fell. The democratic party of the Maldives places the opposition. Political prisoners are often banished into atolls removed far from the capital. Nevertheless many inhabitants of the Maldives believe in the fact that the progress of the country in large parts is to be owed Gayooms to the efforts.

Gayoom was also long time Secretary of Defense and Minister of Finance of its country. It has these positions however to the 1. September 2004 given up.

Gayoom has four children. Its oldest daughter, Dunya Maumoon, is acted as a probable successor.

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