Maung Aye

general Maung Aye (* 25. December 1937 in Kon Balu, Sagaing division, Burma) is an officer and a politician in Myanmar (in former times Burma).

Maung Aye struck the officer career in the army after the study at the academy of the armed forces in Maymo, which he locked 1959 with the degree of the Bachelor OF Science.

1993 it was beordert in the rank of a lieutenant general to Rangoon and appointed the deputy commander in chief over the armed forces. 1994 he took over the office of the deputy chairman of the military junta vakante since the seizure of power of Than Shwe, which appeared at that time still as Council of State for the re-establishment of right and order (SLORC ). With these functions it is equipped after Generalissimus Than Shwe the number 2 of the regime in Myanmar, without holding even a government office.

Maung Aye is considered as an opponent of the first secretary of many years of the junta and former Prime Minister Khin Nyunt, and how also Than Shwe as hard liner, which rejects any concessions to the democratic opposition. Contrary to Than Shwe, which is to together-twitch with denomination of its name allegedly, however comparatively good contacts are after-said to him to opposition guide and Nobelpreisträgerin Aung San Suu Kyi.

Maung Aye should be ill since longer. 2003 it was for the treatment of Prostata - cancer in Singapore . In addition it is well-known as strong drunkards. It is married with Daw Mya Mya San.


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