Maurice Yves Sandoz

Maurice Yves Sandoz (also: Maurice Sandoz; geb. 2. April 1892 in Basel, gest. 5. June 1958 in Lausanne) was a Swiss writer. It is considered as most important Swiss storyteller of the Phantastik. He is counted occasionally to the Surrealismus.

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Sandoz was the son of Edouard Sandoz, the founder of the Basler Sandoz - works, and brother of the sculptor Edouard Marcel Sandoz. He worked, like probably by the enormous wealth of his family in the reason of the acquisition work not needily, first as chemist and a composer. An eye disease caused by its research forced it to the task of its career as scientists, permitted it however to place the before only hobby-moderately operated literary activity into the foreground of its work. That permanently the whole world bereisende Sandoz had its predominant domicile in Rome. 1958 he committed suicide.


after the debut work Le jeune inspired by Firbank auteur et le perroquet (1920) rather moderate applause found, published it 1937 the souvenirs of fantastiques et nouveaux souvenir (dt. Strange memories). Characteristic of its telling technology is that the “natural” explanation, which makes the apparently supernatural phenomena at the end of a narration rationally understandable is still many more unbelievable in the long run than the acceptance of spiritful powers (herein Sandoz approaches “explained the superatue ral” of a Ann Radcliffe) - the reality proves as more fantastic than each fantasy. Each narration takes the form of a fiktionalen private memory of the author, either to own experiences or to reports second-hand.

Central also the Topos of the spirit house is, that in the novels Le of labyrinths (the labyrinth, 1949) and La maison sans fenêtres (the house without windows, 1943) varied and with the motive hedonistisch dekadenten Dandys are connected (not last also a critical argument with the own life-style). Contes of suisses (Swiss narrations, 1956) is a Anthologie of older and newer stories.

Sandoz strove also as a dramatist: 1928 appear a revision of the piece of The Curse OF the Wraydons (the curse of the Wraydons) of W. G. Willis, which serves as basis for a film of the same name in the year 1946. The piece offers a variant of the mythology over jumps to Heeled Jack.

Sandoz' of books appeared first in very small, exclusive editions, however in hochluxuriöser equipment; it had it illustrated by artists such as Gugel or Salvador Dalí complex. Dalí, which Sandoz became acquainted with in the 40's in New York, e.g. illustrated. Books such as souvenirs of fantastiques, La Maison sans fenêtres, Le of labyrinths and La Limite (at the edge, 1951). Until today Sandoz' remains work many literature scientists to a large extent unknown. Only in the last years some its narrations were again given change.


of works in French language

  • Contes et nouveles (1931)
  • souvenir of fantastiques et nouveaux souvenir (1937)
  • Trois of histoires bizarres (1939)
  • La maison sans fenêtres (1943)
  • La limite (1949)
  • Le of labyrinths (1949)

works in German translation

  • narrations and novellas (1934)
  • strange memories (1937)
  • the house without windows (1948)
  • Swiss narrations (1955)
  • the labyrinth (1991)
  • the cemetery of Skutari (1992)

secondary literature

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