Maurice René Fréchet

Maurice René Fréchet (* 2. September 1878 in Maligny, † 4. June 1973 in Paris) was a French mathematician.

First, he informs student of the Ecole normal Supérieure in Poitiers (from 1919 to 1927) and in Paris (from 1928 to 1949).

To the Funktionalanalysis it introduces 1906 the metric areas and puts foundation-stones of the topology, on its search for abstraction of the work of Vito Volterra, Cesare Arzela, Jacques Hadamard and George CAN gate. Furthermore Fréchet introduced the terms of the even convergence and even steadiness .

Its name is among other things to find in the Fréchet filter and the Fréchet derivative.


  • Sur of quelques POINTs you calcul fonctionnel (1906)


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