Max-Planck company

the Max-Planck company for the promotion of the sciences e. V. (MPG) a non-profit research organization with seat is in Munich. It is the carrier company of the very much regarded Max-Planck of institutes.

The MPG became to 26. February 1948 as a successor organization of the emperor William company based. It was designated after Max Planck, the joint founder of the quantum theory. The Max-Planck company predominantly dedicates itself to the basic research. It employs at present about 4100 scientists, over 10.000 student auxiliary workers as well as more than 8000 coworkers within the commercial, technical and administrative range.

The Max-Planck company is Trägerin of 78 institutes with an annual budget of together 1.3 billion euro. The institutes for Max-Planck are divided in three sections:

  • In addition biomedical
  • section chemico-physical-technical
  • section spirit, social and human-scientific

section in the last years was begun to furnish so-called “Max-Planck research groups” at several universities. These limited, transdiziplinären groups are to strengthen the cross-linking of the institutes for Max-Planck with the universities further.

A subsidiary of the Max-Planck company, the Minerva donation GmbH, promotes the scientific exchange between Germany and Israel.

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