Max Decugis

maxim Omer „max of “Décugis (* 24. September 1882; † 6. September 1978) was a French tennis player.

It won the French championships, the forerunner of the French open, between 1903 and 1914 eight times in the single and from 1906 to 1920 together with Maurice Germot in the double ten times in consequence. In addition it triumphed seven times in the Mixed. But to this time (until 1925) only Frenchmen could participate in the French championships.

it triumphed to 1911 together with Andre Gobert in the gentleman double of Wimbledon.

With the olympic intermediate plays 1906 in Athens it won besides gold in the gentleman single and together with Maurice Germot also in the double. With the olympic plays 1920 again the victory in the Mixed and the profit the bronze medal in the double succeeded.


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