Max Delbrück (bio physicist)

Max Delbrück
max of Delbrück

max of Delbrück (* 4. September 1906 in Berlin; † 9. March 1981 in Pasadena, California) was a German Genetiker and bio physicist US-American starting from 1945.

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Delbrück was the youngest son of the historian Hans Delbrück and great-grandchild of Justus Liebig. Further ancestors and used from the family Delbrück see there.

Since 1941 it was married with Mary Bruce. The married couple had four children.


Delbrücks effect place in Berlin: Institute for emperor William for chemistry (Thielallee 63; today: Building of petrol cocks of the FU Berlin)

Delbrück studied astronomy at the University of Goettingen first, came then however over again discovered quantum mechanics to theoretical physics. In this field of activity it attained a doctorate 1929.

After some foreign stayshe worked starting from 1932 on the institute for emperor William for chemistry in Berlin Dahlem, among other things as an assistant of Lise Meitner and Otto cock. Not national Institut kept also under the rule of the national socialism a certain independence and attracted so international researchers.

On suggestion of Niels Bohr wandte er sich hier der interdisziplinären Arbeit mit der Biologie zu. it published 1935 together with the Genetiker Nikolai Timofejew Ressowski a work over Genmutationen, in which they suggested as first understanding genes as complex atomic federations. With it the modern genetics began.

1937 were the political influence on the research too largely become; Delbrück emigrierte into the USA. Here it - first at the Caltech , then in New York and Nashville , starting from 1947 again at the Caltech - researched over bacteriophages. Into the 1940ern it cooperated closely Salvador Luria together, with which together it cleared the processprocess process up of the bacteriophages. Also with Alfred Day Hershey he exchanged soon information. With their investigations the three scientists created bases of modern molecular biology and genetics.

But it received 1969 together with Hershey and Luria the Nobelpreis for medicine.

As a biology professor at the Caltech (until 1977) it continued to research in several areas. Emphasis was thereby apart from the sense physiology also the Quantenchemie and mutations, approximately with the baptizing couch Drosophila.

1962 were already with its support Institut forGenetics at the university created to Cologne.

Delbrücks earnings/services in the broader sense is above all the introduction of mathematical models and scientific methods to biology. Also its appeal to the interdiscipline airty and for the open co-operation of the scientific municipality, which it supported by its own example,school made and brought it acknowledgment.

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  • over the nature of the Genmutation and the gene structure. (together with Nicolaj W. Timoféeff Ressovsky and Karl Günter room) feasting man, Berlin 1935
  • truth and reality: Over the evolution of recognizing. Rapidly andRaw ring, Hamburg 1986, ISBN 3-89136-058-4

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