Max Fechner

max of Fechner (* 27. July 1892 in Berlin; † 13. September 1973 in beautiful oak) was a Minister for law of the GDR.

Fechner was designed as Werkzeugmacher. It joined 1910 of the SPD , was 1917 - 1922 member of the USPD and returned to it to the SPD. It was 1921 - 1925 district-ordered citizen of Berlin district Neukölln and 1924 - of 1933 delegates of the Prussian federal state parliament. He worked in the party executive committee of the SPD and was responsible person editor of the local-political magazine “the municipality”.

Fechner was active in the group of resistances around Franz artist and 1933 1934 as well as 1944 - 1945 in detention.

After the war Fechner was member of the party executive committee and/or. Central committee of the SED. 1946 - 1948 he was a city delegate of large Berlin, until 1949 member of the German people advice and to 1950 of the people chamber.

1948 became Fechner after successor of Eugen boat operator president of the German central administration for law, 1949 - 1951 president of the combination of democratic lawyers and were from October 1949 to July of 1953 Ministers for law.

Because it itself in an interview of new Germany to 30. June 1953 against a prosecution of the strikers workers 17. June had expressed, Fechner as a “enemy of the state and the party” of its office was relieved, from which SED condemns impossible, arrested and to eight years penintentiary. To 24. June 1956 it was amnestied two days from the detention to dismiss and later; in June 1958 its party member shank was restored.

Fechner received the patriotic earnings/service medal and 1972 the Karl Marx medals to 1967.


  • “as it could happen?” Berlin 1945
  • “nature and tasks of the new democratic autonomy” Berlin 1948

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