Max Herre

max of Herre (* 22. April 1973 in Stuttgart) is a German musician.

It made its first experiences with Hip Hop at school, where it heard predominantly American Hip Hop. After he heard Advanced Chemistry, he decided to make Hip Hop on German. Thus it became the joint founder and front man Stuttgart volumes the friend circle and the so-called scour trousers, a union of Stuttgart Hip Hop musicians. 1997 created those volume with her single “ANNA” the break-through. Two years after their first album appeared Esperanto, where max among other things together with its current wife Joy Denalane to hear is. For its two sons Isaiah Naledi (* 2001) and Jamil (* 2003) it laid down the life as an active volume member on indefinite time.

It kollaborierte with Curse on its album internal security, and published 2004 a solo album, which was very successful, however with the pure Hip Hop public rather worse criticisms harvested. Herre sees itself to less than MC, but than RWS musicians, since he experiments with many music styles. The black musicians of the last 80 years and Udo lime tree mountain rank among his influences according to own data, with which he already together worked.

Zurzeit produces it the albums of his Mrs. Joy on Four music.

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  • 2004 - max of Herre (D: #1)


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