Max gentleman Mr.

max gentleman man (* 14. May 1865 in Berlin; † 17. November 1942 in KZ Theresienstadt) was a German literature historian and theatre scientist.

1900 held max gentleman Mr. the first theatre-scientific lectures within the Germanisti institute by the citizens of Berlin university. Into its investigation to Goethe's fair celebration in Plundersweilern it limited not to a pure source study, but referred the stage history of the work also. 1914 appeared its Hauptwerk research for the German theatre history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, in which he specifies his theatre-scientific beginning.

Gentleman man occurred consistently for the emancipation of the theatre science of the Germanistik . it received a chair at the citizens of Berlin university to 1919. When 1923 theatre-scientific Institut were opened (it was world-wide first of its kind), become to gentleman man together with Julius Petersen its alternating leaders.

1933 were set for the training activity max of Hermanns a sudden end. It was only shifted obligatorily into the retirement and finally deportiert into the KZ Theresienstadt, where it died in November 1942.

The state library to Berlin assigns annually to 10. May, the day of the National Socialist book burn, the max gentleman man price of the friends of the state library.


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