Max Horkheimer

Horkheimer (left) with Theodor W. Adorno (in front right) and Jürgen Habermas (in the back right) in Heidelberg, 1965

max of Horkheimer (* 14. February 1895 in Zuffenhausen with Stuttgart; † 7. July 1973 in Nuremberg) was a German philosopher and sociologist.

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Horkheimer, which from a Jewish manufacturer family originated, made for 1919 the Abitur in Munich. From 1919 to 1922 it studied in Munich, Frankfurt and Freiburg. it attained a doctorate to 1922 in Frankfurtwith Hans Cornelius and became thereafter for three years its assistant.1925 it habilitierte itself at the University of Frankfurt.

1930 he was appointed the full professor for social philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. He was joint founder and director of the institute for social research up to its locking throughthe national socialists. The emigration led it across Geneva and Paris to New York, where it created Institut for social research again to the Columbia University. it published 1947 together with Theodor W. Adorno the dialectic of the clearing-up, one of its Hauptwerke. 1949 turnHorkheimer to the University of Frankfurt back, where it could furnish 1950 Institut for social research again. Horkheimer was founders and publishers of the magazine for social research (1932 - 39), continued as Studies in Philosophy and Social Science (1940 - 42).

Together withAdorno is max of Horkheimer general agents of the critical theory of the Frankfurt school. Its pupil and successor on Frankfurt chair the Alfred Schmidt Noerr Horkheimers has “collected writings” given change together with Gunzelin forges.

Max Horkheimer is honour citizen of the city Frankfurt/Main and rests upon buriedthe Jewish cemetery Berne.


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