Max Julen

max of Julen (* 15. March 1961 in Zermatt) is a former Swiss ski - running drivers.

The most important success of its career was the victory in the Riesenslalom with the olympic winter plays 1984 in Sarajevo. 1985 it became in the same discipline 10. with the world championship in boron millions. Apart from its olympia victory it won only a further Weltcup running 1983 in Les Diablerets.

It terminated 1987 its career with 26 years and leads since then a hotel in its place of residence Zermatt. Julen is married and has three children. He is since 1979 a trained sports article salesman. Its father Martin Julen sen. was likewise ski running driver and won 1955 the slalom at the Lauberhorn in whom gene.

Weltcup results

placements in the Gesamtweltcup
year position points
1981/82 44. 28
1982/83 8. 154
1983/84 12. 96
1984/85 14. 99
1985/86 53. 40


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