Max Kneissl

professor Max Kneissl (* 1907, † 15. September 1973 Munich) belonged to the most important geo data of the “Scientific Community” 20. Century.

He was a university professor for general geodesy to the TH Munich (today DO), initiator of numerous research projects and author from far over 100 scientific papers.

Until today a standard work of geodesy edited revised by it again and is unsurpassed: The 13-bändige compilation of the so-called. “Jordan Eggert Kneissl (JEK), manual of the science of surveying “.

Max Kneissl succeeded it to strength of its reputation for winning for each of the fields of activity the author most competent in Germany. From the 13 single volumes, which cover on the average 700-900 sides, it worked on 4 volumes themselves, the volumes V, VI and IIIa wrote Karl Ledersteger and/or. Karl Rinner from Austria.

Kneissl was important it furthermore to be and also for the establishment of Professuren for new fields of activity provide Mentor for younger Wissenschafter - particularly as a rector DO Munich from 1958 to 1960. As it as successors of Professor. Martha well farmer was promoted, did it this among other things with the later representatives of its specialist area, Rudolf Sigl (*1928, Professor. already 1962) and Klaus Schnädelbach.

Kneissl's of special fields were the land surveying (e.g. “New compensation of the European main triangle nets” in OD 50 (publications. between 1958 and 1963) and volume IVa and IVb of the “JEK”), parts of the field of activity higher geodesy, the measurement of technical large-scale projects and the fotogrammetrische triangulation. It led longer time beside many work of its institute and the European net also the German geodetic commission.

Professor. GDR. Kneissl received numerous high honors from all world and several honour doctorates. By its cooperation and line of many projects in half Europe, the Bodensee - conferences and other activities had he an overview of all substantial developments of global geodesy, for its o.e. Compilation special meaning got. It can be considered as one of the last “universal geo data”.


  • max of Kneissl: Mathematical geodesy (land surveying). IV/1 and IV/2 of the “Jordan Eggert Kneissl” bound, manual of the science of surveying, ca.670/630 p. +3 parts appendix. J.B.Metzler publishing house, Stuttgart 1959.
  • Helmut Wolf: To the 65.Geburtstag von Max Kneissl. DGK row E, Bd.15, Munich 1972, ISBN 3769696603, out of print.

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