Max Mack

max of Mack (* 21. October 1884 in half; † 18. February 1973 in London) was a German film director. It ranks among the pioneers of the German silent movie.

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Mack worked starting from 1906 as a theatre actor and 1911 by the director Viggo Larsen to the Produktionsgesellschaft Vitascope was gotten. There it had its direction debut in the same year. From 1912 to the end of the First World War it was one the most productive film-creative. Still before Stellan Ryes the student of Prague, 1913 Macks film the other one one uraufgeführt. The film with Albert Bassermann in the double main role treats the topic schizophrenia. Likewise 1913 led Mack with public success where are Coletti? the Kriminalkomödie into the German film. Already 1915 had Ernst Lubitsch in films Macks small Nebenrollen.

it published 1916 together with Ewald André Dupont one of the first film-theoretical books, the zappelnde canvas. In the Tonfilm Mack was no longer successful, although he continued to work after his emigration to Great Britain 1933 as a director.

Max Mack led with more than 100 films direction, predominantly 1920 ago. It died at the age of 88 years in London.

honors and honours

of films

  • the other one, 1913
  • where is Coletti?, 1913
  • arms Maria - a department store history, 1915
  • Robert and Bertram, the merry vagabonds, 1915
  • the confession of the green mask, 1916
  • Sündiges blood, 1919
  • the travel into the adventure, 1926
  • one day of the roses in August…, 1927
  • the fight of the Tertia, 1929
  • careful, Mr. Smith, 1935


  • max of Mack. Showman in the glasshouse, hrsg. v. Michael whisk. Berlin 1996. (= Kinemathek; 88) ISBN 3-927876-11-9

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