Max Merkel

max of Merkel (* 7. December 1918) is a Austrian football player and coach.


as a young person played Merkel until 1937 with rapidly Vienna. Its further stations than players were Viennese sport club (1937-1942), marker village (1942-1945), sport club (1945/46) and rapidly Vienna (1946-1954).

Merkel completed ever an international match for Germany (1939) and Austria (1952).

Its coach career began with rapidly Vienna, where he became alike in the first year master (1957). Further coach act ions were the Hague, Borussia Dortmund, TSV 1860 Munich (German Cup winner 1964, European Cup - final 1965, master 1966), 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg (German master 1968), fiber plastic Sevilla, Atlético Madrid (Spanish master 1973, Cup winner 1972), fiber plastic Schalke 04, fiber plastic Augsburg and Karlsruher sports club 1969 it managed the feat, the 1. To lead fiber plastic Nuremberg as title defenders into the descent. In March 1969 it was replaced to dismiss and by Kuno Klötzer. This could not turn however the descent away any longer.

Into the 1980er - max made Merkel for years particularly as columnist of the picture newspaper of itself talks. It was one of the sharpest critics of coach of the national team Jupp the barrier, before these 1984 became to dismiss. Merkels of sayings, which accompany the football world since the 1960er-Jahren, are legendary. So also its achievement prognoses published in the picture newspaper are to the federal lyingists to beginning of season (“max of noticing ELT again”) less technical analyses, than the maintenance serving Lästereien aiming at punchlines.

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