Max one of Schilling

max of Schilling (* 19. April 1868 in Düren in the Rhine country; † 24. July 1933 in Berlin) was a German composer, conductor and a theatrical director.

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lives and work

max of Schilling is the brother of the photographer Carl George of Schilling. In Bonn it received first music instruction apart from its school training also. Its teachers were Caspar Joseph Brambach and Otto von Königslöw. In Munich it studied only law, then philosophy.

At the 1. October 1892 married Schilling in Römlinghoven its cousin Caroline Josefa Peill. 1923 became the marriage divorced. In Berlin - Charlottenburg ground itself it at the 11. June 1923 with the chamber and opera singer Barbara Kemp.

By the Königl. Bayr. State Ministry of the inside became max of Schilling to 16. February 1903 the professor title lent. In October 1911 appointed in phil. Faculty of the University of Heidelberg to the honour doctor of philosophy. 1912 were raised max from Schilling with the award of the honour cross of the Württembergi crown into the nobility. It was allowed to call itself now max of Schilling.

Already in the 90's it the function of the assistant was transferred with the Native of Bayreuth festivals. Later it than conductor and music paedagogue was active in Munich. In the years 1908 to 1918 he dressed the office of the head conductor at the royal yard theatre to Stuttgart, for which the king of Württemberg lent the title of nobility to him in the year 1912. From 1918 to 1925 it worked as a successor of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch as a general director at the Prussian state opera to Berlin. In this time, thus in the twenties, he in addition musical director/conductor of the urban forest opera were Baltic Sea bath Zoppot. In the second half of this decade it undertook concert journeys, which led it by Europe and also into the USA. Returned to Germany he transferred the office of the president of the Prussian academy of the arts in the year 1932 and began thereby the follow-up max of dear man . From March 1933 up to its death director of the urban opera was Berlin of Schllings. He deceased 1933 at a pulmonary embolism in Berlin. Its urn buried in Frankfurt/Main

its kompositorisches work covers operas, Melodramen, chamber music, choir works, Violin and piano concerts, sinfonische seals as well as stage works. It applies beside Humperdinck and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch as one of the composers, those for the music form of the Melodrams at the beginning 20. Century to one Renaissance help. As a composer it is considered as one the successor smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners. Max one of Schilling enjoyed beyond that as Musikpägagoge a outstanding call. As one of his most well-known pupils William Furtwängler is considered.

As its most important work the opera is surely Mona Lisa (first performance to 26. September 1915 in Stuttgart) to regard, the time of its life up to its death 1933 as one to most played operas of Germany applied. He dedicated this opera of the Phil. Faculty of the University of Heidelberg, which had lent the professor title to it.

Max one of Schilling was honoured several times for its earnings/services. In Düren the road was renamed from the Goethe route to the Aachener road in Schilling road.

Max one of Schilling was opponent of the Weimar Republic and avowed Antisemit. As a successor max of dear man he was selected 1932 „in an act of anticipating adjustment “(according to academy of the arts 1996) from the members to the president of the Prussian academy of the arts to Berlin and officiated there up to its death in July 1933. During its term of office the forced withdrawals and excluding important Jewish and maladjusted artist from the academy of the arts (Käthe Kollwitz, Heinrich man, Ricarda Huch, Alfred Döblin, Thomas's man, began max dear man, Alfons Paquet, Franz Werfel, Jakob water man). Max one of Schilling dismissed Arnold beautiful mountain from the training activity at the academy of the arts, against beautiful mountain contract, in which lifelong not subject to noticeness was agreed upon.

works in selection

  • operas
    • Ingelwelde
    • of the Pfeifertag
    • Moloch OI. 20
    • Mona Lisa
  • Melodramen
    • the witch song
    • Kassandra
    • the Eleusi celebration
  • of concerts
    • Violinkonzert in g-Moll OI. 38
    • piano concert “a dead dance” OI. 37
    • caper quartet in e-Moll
    • string quintet OI. 32
  • bell songs OI. 22
  • sea greeting and sea-morning OI. 6


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