Maxie move

Maxie move (* 3. January 1933 in Vienna; † 20. November 1977 in Kleinmachnow with Berlin) was a German authoress.


Maxie move earned as secretary, Fotografin, lady journalist and a film script authoress its money. Of 1958 up to their death 1977 lived it with her man, the Austrian writer Fred move and their children in the GDR, last in Kleinmachnow with Berlin. Their most important work is good ones morning, you beautiful ones. Minutes after tape, in which she lets women of different origin and different age speak about her life.Good morning, you beautiful ones experienced numerous editions. The book was particularly in the GDR, in addition, in West Germany successful.

The category of the minutes literature becameby Wanders popular, even if it the first volume of its kind were not. Already 1974 published of Sarah Kirsch “five unfrisierte narrations from the tape recorder”, how Kirsch called its book the Pantherfrau in the sub-title. In the follow-up from Maxie move2005 appeared an interview volume of Anna OPEL (good morning, you tired), in which employed mothers from east and West Germany on their life report.


  • good ones morning, you beautiful ones. Minutes after tape. Berlin (east): Book publishing houseThe morning, 1977. (West German spending appeared 1979 in the collection Luchterhand.)
  • letters and diaries, book publishing house of the mornings Berlin (GDR) 1979
  • lives wär' one great alternative, collection Luchterhand 1980, SL 298

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