Maxim Podoprigora

Maxim Podoprigora (* 18. April 1978 in Kiew, Ukraine) is a successful float of Austria in 21 beginning. Century.


Podoprigora lives since 1992 in Vienna, where it began with training for the swimming sport. Its parents are the successful floats Eugenia Rakitina and Juri Podoprigora from the USSR.

With the swimming world most shanks in Fukuoka it reached 2001 the second place over 200 m chest and is thereby the first Austrian, who won medal with a swim WM. In addition come a gold, one silver and two bronze medals with different swimming European championships, all over 200 m chest. In addition it held from 25. Jänner to 14. December 2003 the European record over this distance. In addition naturally numerous Austrian titles and records come.

With the olympic plays 2004 in Athens it (after Sydney 2000 ) goes for the second time to the start.


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