Maximilian Steiner

Maximilian Steiner (* 28. August 1839 in furnace, Budapest; † 29. May 1880 in bathing with Vienna, Lower Austria) was a Austrian actor and theatre manager.


in the years 1869 to 1875 led Steiner as well as the actress Marie Geistinger the theatre at that Vienna. When a longer commitment at the theatre in Leipzig accepted 1875 Geistinger, it passed the theatre on to 1880 . After his death 1880 in this function its son Franz Steiner followed it.

At the age of 41 years Maximilian Steiner died to 29. May 1880 in bathing, Lower Austria.

The actor and a theatre manager Gabor Steiner was likewise a son Maximilian Steiners. The composer max of Steiner was a son Gabor Steiners.


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