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prince Max von Baden (* 10. July 1867 in bathing, bathing; † 6. November 1929 in Salem with Überlingen) was a Prussian general and the last realm chancellor of the German empire.

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Maximilian Alexander Friedrich William 1867 became as a son of the Prussian general and prince of Baden Wilhelm (1829 - 1897), a younger brother Grand Duke Friedrichs I., and Maria von Leuchtenberg (1841 - 1914), princess Romanovskaja, granddaughter of Eugène de Beauharnais, the stepson Napoléon Bonapartes, and niece Zar Alexanders II. of Russia, born. After the training in a human High School will it lawyer and becomes active during the universitären training in the Corps Rhenania Freiburg, Saxo Borussia Heidelberg and Suevia Heidelberg. Afterwards it occurs as an officer the Prussian army .

1907, after which death of its uncle becomes, max, since the new Grand Duke, its cousin, was childless, successor to the throne and president of Baden of the first chamber of Baden. 1911 takeit as a major general its parting from the active military service.1914 it is re-activated and takes for short time its service at the general staff 14. Army command up, to which the troop contingents of Baden are subordinate. But in October it already returns to bathing and dedicated themselves as a honorary presidentthe red cross of Baden during the entire war of the welfare service for prisoners of war of all nationalities. 1916 he becomes honorary president of the German-American prisoner of war assistance of the world league of the Christian associations of young men (CVJM).

From bathing Aristokrat is considered and becomes ever more the crystallization point of the moderate political camp as liberal,in opposition to the ultrarechten wing, represented by the quasi-military dictatorship of the highest army command, stands. 1917 it already rejects publicly the resumption of the unrestricted submarine war , finally to 6. April 1917 for the war entrance of the United States of America led.

As one in October 1918in Berlin - which threatening military collapse before eyes - hastily a reliable head of the government for the lining up negotiations for an armistice looks for, the correct man seems to be from bathing. One hopes for the fact that he due to its national and international Reputation and because of its occurring against the unrestrictedSubmarine war is accepted by the American president Wilson.

In addition, relating to domestic affairs the highest army command is ready for concessions, in order to support the reliability of the request. Ludendorff demands the transformation of the state into a parliamentary monarchy including the oppositional parties, v.a. the Social Democrats, around thatRequest for armistice do not hand over and the responsibility for the military defeat to take to have. Equally an acceptable candidate seems also here of bathing as liberal and a member of the prince house of Baden for Social Democrats and conservative ones. Nor realm chancellor Georg von Hertling suggests it as its successorand at the 3. October 1918 appoints it the emperor the realm chancellor and Prussian Prime Minister.

Max one of bathing still educates on the same day a parliamentary government, into which with Philipp sheath man for the first time also a social-democratic Minister will appoint. To 4. It conveys Octobers - on urgethe highest army command - the prepared request for armistice at Wilson. But this makes that he does not believe in a democratization of the German Reich, so long the emperor still in the office is clear. It bathes white that more than only cosmetic corrections are necessary, around those alliedto induce to giving in. It terminates the submarine war and sets to 26. October the dismissal Ludendorffs, the most powerful man in the state, from the highest army command through.

When the November revolution breaks out, the position emperor Wilhelms is not to be saved any longer. Over at least the monarchy assuch to save and the revolutionary appease announces to max of bathing in the late morning 9. November 1918 arbitrarily and unconstitutional the resignation of the emperor, who is at this time in the headquarters of the highest army command in the Belgian Spa. This action max of bathingby the emperor and its son only afterwards de jure is confirmed.

Also to 9. November hands against the condition the realm chancellorship the leader of the strongest realm tag party, Friedrich Ebert to max of bathing over. Its request to occupy as realm Weser the position of the head of state toa national assembly a new sovereign intended for the German Reich, rejects it. He withdraws himself into the private life and dedicates themselves to the establishment of the school lock Salem, which is to contribute to training a new mental elite in Germany. Max one of bathing diesto 6. November 1929 in Salem with Überlingen.

marriage and descendant

from to 10. July 1900 in Gmunden/Oberösterreich closed marriage with Maria Luise of Hanover Cumberland, princess of Great Britain and Ireland (* Gmunden 11. October 1879; † Salem 31. January 1948), daughter of Ernst August, Kronprinz of Hanover, two children came out:


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