May-bark Carter

May-bark Carter (* 10. May 1909 in Nickelsville, Virginia as if May-bark Addington, † 23. October 1978) was an US-American Country - and Folksängerin.

May-bark formed together with its brother-in-law A.P. Carter and its Mrs. Sara Carter the Carter Family, the prominent Country Vokalgruppe of the 1930er and early 1940er years. Admits became it also as Autoharp - Spielerin.

The Carter Family dissolved 1943 . May-bark - also „May-bark MON ago Carter” mentioned - continued with its daughters June Carter, Anita Carter and Helen Carter. Into the 1960er years moved it again in the course of the Folk Revivals into the focus of the public. 1967 were considered their common appearance with Sara Carter on the new haven Folk festival with enthusiastischen applause storms.


  • 1997 - Wildwood Pickin'
  • 1967 - A Historic Reunion: Sara and May-barks - The original Carters
  • 1964 - Queen OF The Autoharp


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