Base data
capital Mamoudzou
inhabitant 193,633 (July 2005)
surface 374 km ²
population density of 518 inhabitants per km ²
time belt UTC + 3
internet TLD preselection
+269 .yt
together with the Comoros
Landkarte von Mayotte
Position von Mayotte in Afrika

Mayotte is an overseas territory (collectivité départementale) France at the northern edge of the roadof Mozambique in the Indian ocean. Mayotte lies between the northern part of Madagascar and the north of Mozambique. Geographically it belongs to the archipelago of the Comoros.

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the Inselgruppe Mayotte, existingfrom the Hauptinsel Mayotte, two Nebeninseln Ile Pamanzi and Ile M'Zamboro, belongs to the archipelago of the Comoros. The land surface amounts to in approximately 374 km ². Corral reefs surround the island. In the rain time of November until March the temperatures are higher than in the drying time. The highestPoint is the Mont Benara on the Hauptinsel with 660 meters. The capital Mamoudzou lies likewise on the Hauptinsel, while the international airport Dzaoudzi lies on the Ile Pamanzi.


in July 2004 178,438 inhabitants were counted. 98% of the population are moslemisch. Office language is French, is spoken however above all Mahorisch, a suahelischer dialect.


Mayotte was surrendered with the remaining Comoros 1843 from Portugal to France. Mayotte was the only island of the archipelago, those in the tuning of 1974the connections to France kept upright and without independence did. The state of the Comoros raises since that time requirement on Mayotte and recognizes its affiliation to France not on. Here one relies on a UN-resolution of the yearly 1979.


Mayotte are inthe French national assembly with a delegate and in the senate with a senator represent. Since 2000 it has as collectivité a départementale similar legal position as the Überseedépartements, is different than these however not part of the European union.

On the island is until todaya small contingent of French soldiers (Fremdenlegion) stations.


the island lives particularly on rural economy and to a small portion of the tourism. Most goods must be imported therefore. The largest business partners are France and the Comoros, thosecomplete together about 95% of the foreign trade.

coordinates: 12°50 ' 35 " S, 45° 8 ' 18 " O


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