Mbuji Mayi

Mbuji Mayi (in former times Bakwanga) is a city in the democratic Republic of the Congo. It is capital of the province Kasai Oriental and has 874,974 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005).


the city is in the southern national center because of the river Bushimaie.


the city was created after 1910 of Europeans as diamond promotion station and was called to 1966 Bakwanga.

After the independence of the country in the year 1960 the city increased by Zuwanderungen of the Luba rapidly.

The recent past is coined/shaped of force and misery. Since 1993 there are refugees in the region of supplying problems of the Shaba -.


the region around the city is considered as diamond assisted area meaning world-wide.
Coordinates: 6° 9 ' S, 23° 36 ' O


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