Mecklenburg Schwerin

coat of arms
large coat of arms
national flag Mecklenburgs (with traditional bull head; without sign)
data in the year 1910
state capital: Schwerin
surface: 13,127 km ²
inhabitants: 639,958
population density: 49 Einwohner/km ²
voices in the Upper House of Parliament: 2
Kfz characteristics: M I
Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1815-1934
Mecklenburg Schwerin 1815-1934

the former (part) duchy Mecklenburg Schwerin was over centuries a substantial partial rule in the possession of the dukes, starting from 1815 Grand Dukes to Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg Schwerin up to the end of the monarchy at the same time remained part of the Mecklenburgian total state. Colloquially one designated too, last the 1701 (part) duchy formed different times as Mecklenburg Schwerin the sum of different partial rule under the regency of the line of the same name of the Mecklenburgian prince house, starting from 1815 (part) Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Schwerin, which attained 1918 for the first time as Free State Mecklenburg Schwerin political independence. 1934 fused those Free States Mecklenburg Schwerin and Mecklenburg Strelitz under National Socialist pressure to the country Mecklenburg and form the main part of the Land of the Federal Republic Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after slight area clearing today.

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Free State Mecklenburg Schwerin

Minister of State and/or. starting from 1920 Prime Minister

  • 1918 to 1920: Hugo Wendorff, strip packing
  • 1920 to 1921: Hermann Reincke Bloch, DVP
  • 1921 to 1924: Johannes Stelling, SPD
  • 1924 to 1926: JoachimBaron von Brandenstein, DNVP
  • 1926 to 1929: Paul Schroeder, SPD
  • 1929 to 1932: Karl ash castle, AGNM
  • 1932 to 1933: Walter Granzow, NSDAP
  • 1933: Hans's Egon Engell, NSDAP

country Mecklenburg

Prime Minister

  • 1934: Hans's Egon Engell,NSDAP
  • 1934 to 1945: Friedrich sharp, NSDAP


administrative arrangement of the Free State Mecklenburg Schwerin (after 1920)

urban districts

  1. urban district Güstrow
  2. urban district Rostock
  3. urban district Schwerin
  4. urban district Wismar


  1. office Grevesmühlen
  2. office Güstrow
  3. office Hagenow
  4. office Ludwig desire
  5. office Malchin
  6. office Parchim
  7. office Rostock
  8. office Schwerin
  9. office goods
  10. office Wismar


motive in the literature

Thomas's of man novel “Royal sovereignty “plays, without calling this, in - “worked on” dichterisch naturally - the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Schwerin.

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