Media tenor

MEDIA TENOR (also MEDIA TENOR or medium tenor) is Institut for medium analyses with seat in Bonn. It compares a multiplicity of media and their tendency or attention as (according to own statement) only Institut in Germany in relation to a topic. The data of the institute were often consulted for the confirmation of the thesis of the opinion leader media.

Medium analyses, which had political explosiveness, excited attention. Medium tenor proved the fact that Helmut Kohl had been represented particularly unfavorably before the elections 1976 (see. Noelle Neumann).


the scientificness of the methods of the institute becomes of the Leipziger medium scientist Professor. Dr. Michael Haller doubts. This had accused data manipulation to the medium tenor. Medium tenor wanted Professor. Haller judicially force not to maintain this no more were subject however.

Professor. Dr. Klaus Merten of Institut for communication science of the University of Münster doubts likewise the scientificness of the methods.

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