Medium use

medium use is the consumption of medium offers in particular from mass media.


media are consumed in expectation of a reward and a use. One differentiates between two kinds of rewards, the direct and the postponed (Freud; Scratch 1949<ref> Wilbur scratch, The nature OF news. in: Journalism Quarterly 26. (1949) S.259-269; Basic questions of the communication research, Munich 1970< /ref>).

Maintenance transmissions promise direct
reward: Information transmissions promise Stimulation, relaxation , aesthetic building,
sexual tension postponed
reward: Orientation, knowledge, Problem solution

medium consumption

the medium consumption in the old Lands of the Federal Republic 1992 and Germany 2005.

Average service life per day in minutes

year television sound broadcasting day newspapers of books magazines records, CD, MC (92), inclusive MP3-Player (05) weekly paper Internet
1992 106 minutes 96 minutes 32 minutes 28 minutes 20 minutes 18 minutes 6 minutes -
2005 220 minutes 221 minutes 28 minutes 25 minutes 12 minutes 45 minutes - 44 minutes

according to the study mass communication <ref>Mass communication, study in general. Pool of broadcasting corporations/CSecond Channel of German Television< /ref>, inOrder of pool of broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television, rose the medium consumption between 2000 and 2005 around nearly 90 minutes to ten hours daily. Internet and the daily paper serve particularly as information medium, the television as information and maintenance medium and the radio asDaily companion and “tendency modulator”.

After time budget 12, a long-term study for medium use <ref>Time budget 12 (pdf), long-term study for medium use, i. A. from SevenOne (ProSiebenSat1) and special analysis to the Cebit 2006< /ref>, i. A. from SevenOne (ProSiebenSat1), that is Internet 2005 with onedaily Nutzungsdurschnitt from 59 minutes to the third-most important medium ascended (1999, 9 minutes). DSL users, 116 minutes, lead 45 minutes, and modem users before ISDN, 41 minutes. They lead also with the use of E-Commerce, Banking, auctions, Web radio and on-line plays. Internetfirst choice is with the search for travel information. With Gesundheistsinformationen the value of 3% (1999) rose to 16% (2005).

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