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medicine sociology (also: Medical sociology, better health sociology) is concerned from socio-scientific view with medical phenomena.

Health and illness refer not only to function or malfunctioning of the body, but are above all also a phenomenon of the individual presentness. The understanding of health and illness, given in each case, is affected by social standards and values, is a component of the social construction of reality.

Health and illness are phenomena, which are defined in at least three different reference systems, itselffrom a psychological, a medical and a sociological perspective result in.

  • Reference system of the person concerned: healthy or ill feel, reaction to noticed impairments, disease accomplishment
  • reference system of the medicine: physiological regularization/these regularization and/or. organic function/malfunctioning (findings)
  • reference system of the society: Production lag, and/or. Necessity assistance toogrant, analysis of the assistance search in the medical case, social definition processes with (more chronically) illness and handicap, social role of the patient, organization of the “illness” and/or. Health system

the medicine sociology analyzes

  • the phenomena „health “and „illness “in its social limitation (among other things Disease definitions - emergence, function and change)
  • social background, connectionsand causes of illness (explanation models of illness)
  • soziale Einflüsse auf die Erhaltung von Gesundheit, auf die Entstehung und den Verlauf von Krankheiten; (schichtspezifisches Erkrankungsrisiko -> social layer, risk behavior, disease careers and typical processes when chronic illness, social supporting systems)
  • the mechanisms and occupations of the health service, social controlling of the health service by the public health policy
  • the interaction between physician/therapist and patient
  • the possibilitiesand borders of medical measures and their effects on individual and society
  • conditions and possibilities of prevention and rehablitation


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