Sea fruits

of these articles generally describes sea fruits; to the film see sea fruits (film).

Sea fruits one usually calls all edible sea animals, which are not vertebrate animals ( fish or whales). Typical sea fruits are shells and Wasserschnecken, Tintenfische and Kalmare, shrimps, Crabs, Langusten and lobsters. Sea fruits can be catch or breed products.

From this designation a clearly agrarian coined/shaped understanding in the use of the sea speaks, like it ideal-proves in the Mediterranean area, particularly in Italy, to mint could. In particular the Romans understood this foodas benedictions of the seas and their Gods, which z. B. in the repeated occurrence of the shell in the antique mythology occupies. In the Christian holy admiration the shell was equally transferred. (see Jakob shell). Even in the architecture of the baroque and Rococo the shell became asperfect product of nature apart from other vegetabilischen motives to one of the outstanding ornamentations erkoren (see Rocaille).

After the traditional Jewish food laws sea fruits usually apply as ritually impure (tame) and do not occur therefore in the koscheren food plan not.

The term of sea fruits is more closely calm than the English Seafood: Among the Seafood all edible animals from the sea rank, thus also fish and whales.

In second line a popular Belgian chocolate product of high-quality dark and bright chocolate is well-known , its forms well recognizable fruits of the sea under sea fruitsrepresent:Seepferdchen, clam, mussel, sea-star.


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