Master of the wisdom

“master of the wisdom” is a term from the Theosophie. The masters or Mahatmas, as them designated Helena Petrovna Blavatsky under resort to Indian traditions, represent what one calls in the Christianity the kingdom of God according to the Theosophie.

The Theosophie describes the masters of the wisdom as “older brothers” of mankind in as much as they would have achieved the next higher stage in the evolution of consciousness, which was appropriate for mankind over that. They represented thereby one Meta level of consciousness, which was completely strange to the today's to a large extent materialistically and academically coined/shaped thinking. Understandably the consciousness level of the masters thereby remains in thinking most humans completely inconceivably; according to the Theosophie the consciousness of the people realm is appropriate for the teachings in similar way over that of the animal realm and may remain just as hidden for this.

The evolution of consciousness does not end according to the Theosophie with human consciousness; the next higher stage is those of the spirit, on which the masters are. In its published book of “letters concerning okkulte Meditation” Alice A. writes 1920. Bailey: “A master of the wisdom is someone, which went through the fifth inauguration. That means in reality that its consciousness such experienced an expansion that it covers also the fifth or mental nature realm now. It worked through itself the four low nature realms: and by Meditation and serving its consciousness center extended the mineral, planting, animal and people realm in such a way that it covers the level of the spirit now. “

In accordance with the Theosophie the masters of the wisdom already went through all experiences in the people world and the nature realms which are under it for a long time before the mass of mankind and completed thus their evolution journey and/or. mastered. From the point of view of human consciousness out they are thereby completed natures; for this reason they were called in the tradition of the Theosophie masters. Since they originated from the human evolution, they know the people world in the last detail and would stand for mankind, only if this wants it and their existence accepted, with all its experience and its immense knowledge with the solution of all well-known world problems as councellors to the side.


Geistige Lehrer

Im Lauf der Geschichte erscheinen immer wieder große geistige Lehrer auf der Weltbühne, um der Menschheit bestimmte Lehren zu vermitteln。 All large world religions postulate z. B. the Wiederkunft of a large world teacher at the end of a certain period and/or. Age; depending upon tradition this is provided with in each case different name (z. B. Messiah, Kalki Avatar, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya). Historically provably from today's viewpoint mental teachers are such as Herkules, Rama, Krishna, Shankaracarya, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius and Christus. They all placed humans teachings, which outline the natureful unit of the world and the implementation of correct human relations as central topic. If humans of all faith directions begin to understand that them connect a common legacy that they are children of the father, a new era of the fraternity becomes and the peace to begin, the English authoress and Theosophin Alice A. writes. Bailey in its books (quotation with friendly permission transferred: New aspects publishing house) “. This common legacy, which belongs to entire mankind, designates and. A. the Theosophie as so-called “time lots the wisdom teachings”. All large mental teachers of all ages are therefore, independent of the respective religious connection, into which they were placed later and often without their agreement, representatives of these non-denominational in principle theories of the wisdom. Concluding the Theosophie designates all these mental teachers with the konfessionell neutral term masters of the wisdom.

Tabuisierung in the west

the existence of the masters is whole in the west, contrary to many other culture areas such as z. B. in Asia, to a large extent unknown and one tabuisiert for many centuries. The Tabuisierung resulted from the separation of the world of the spirit forced by the church into a religious department and into a lay, materialistic department. With it the gradual loss of an holistic view of the world accompanied and due to its mankind as unit in the west. According to opinion of some experts this separation represents a mental crisis, which is reflected today world-wide on that socially/economic level against. The split conception of the world of the west is represented today in the public still as the superior and takes up for itself to represent the so-called “civilized world”.

becoming known of their existence in the west

the theory of the existence of the masters of the wisdom, was made accessible for the foundress of the Theosophi society, a general public starting from 1875 by the books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. It did not only encounter thereby Zuspruch, but had particularly on embittered resistance and time of its life the worst reproaches to leave itself fallen. This cannot be deceptive nevertheless over the fact away that straight by Blavatsky for example the evolutionary conception of the world with its essential terms of Karma and Reinkarnation, which became conception of humans as soul, and not least the idea of the existence of the masters for the first time in larger extent to the west public. After its death in the year 1891 the next stage of the teachings became between 1919 and 1945 by the Englishwoman Alice A. Bailey spreads (quotation with friendly permission taken over: New aspects publishing house) “. According to own data it was inspired directly to the letter of 19 their altogether 24 books by the “ Tibeter” Djwhal Khul, a master of the wisdom, by durable mental telepathischen contact and supported actively. The extensive work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in addition, of Helena Roerich and Alice A. Bailey understand themselves altogether as synthesis of western and eastern philosophies and look for humans to unite the world and the Göttliche with one another and lost gone contact of humans with the level of the spirit to place again ago.

Mahatma letters

the masters of the wisdom are the authors of the famous Mahatma letters at Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alfred Percy Sinnett, Allan Octavian Hume, Charles W. Leadbeater and other one. The originals of these letters are this very day in that British LIBRARY in London for everyone observably. They served for to the personal instruction and preparation of the establishment of the Theosophi society. The German expenditure of these letters (see literature) is sufficient for highest requirements; it documents scientifically accurately the higher forces of the Mahatmas and the okkulten circumstances of the transmission more numerously these letters. By the coulomb affair and the later Hodgson the letters long time turned out for report in disrepute by Blavatsky to have been falsified, this however meanwhile were clearly disproved.

temple teachings

end 19. and at the beginning 20. Century conveyed the masters of the wisdom of the American Francia A. LaDue numerous instructions, those under the designation temple teachings were collected, published and translated into different languages (see literature). On the initiative of the masters Mrs. LaDue created the society Temple OF the People (temple of mankind), which exists this very day in Halcyon, California. There are sister companies in England, Russia and Germany.

Agni Yoga (alive ethics)

in the first half 20. Century conveyed the masters of the wisdom of the Russian Helena Roerich the Agni Yoga (western designation: Alive ethics), a writing from 15 volumes with approximately 5000 sides (see literature). It contains the overall display and a multiplicity of instructions for practicing this teachings of the philosophy of the Mahatmas in the daily life. There are today numerous Roerich or Agni Yoga societies in all world, in particular in the succession states of the USSR, in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and England.


a Theosoph submitted a relevant question to the famous medium Edgar Cayce, the Cayce in the Reading No. 3545-1 answered.
Question: Upon which master of the wisdom I am to reflect, in order to attain mirror-image-ritual guidance?
Cayces answer: There is only one master!


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