Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey (* 16. May 1977 in new Plymouth, New Zealand) is an actress of New Zealand.


Melanie Lynskey visited 1994 still those new Plymouth Girls High School, where she participated with different school performances, since she was fascinated by the looking plaything from the outset.

There she was discovered at the age of 15 by Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson, who looked for suitable occupation for the role of the Pauline Yvonne Rieper in Heavenly Creatures.

The international success of Heavenly Creatures did not announce Kate Winslet however Melanie Lynskey. Therefore it pulled after only sechswöchigem stay in Los Angeles, after it had received only refusals, again to New Zealand, where it studied to the Victoria University in Wellington. During its study it had only a small Filmrolle in Peter Jacksons The Frighteners.

Owing to its friend Gaylene Preston became Melanie Lynskey somewhat ambitiously and accepted the role of the “nice” stepsister in on always and eternally . In addition it obligated Marks of Tapio Kines, the director and film script author of Foreign Correspondents.

With it their career began as a well-known Hollywood actress, because roles in Detroit skirt town center beside Edward Furlong, in The Cherry Orchard beside Alan Bates followed and treasure-talk Glass beside Hayden Christensen. Also its further films, like for example because I a girl are and Abadon, were very successfully.

In Coyote Ugly as well as in Sweet Home Alabama beside Reese Witherspoon had Melanie Lynskey only a Nebenrolle as a close friend of the main characters.

Since 2003 it plays the neighbour rose in the TV serial my cool uncle Charlie with Charlie Sheen.

At present it lives in Los Angeles.


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