Melanie Paschke

Melanie Paschke (* 29. June 1970 in Braunschweig) is a former German light athlete.

Their disciplines were the 100 meters, the 200 meters and the relay. From 1984 to 1995 it started for the LG Braunschweig, 1996 took place a change to the TV cotton wool-separates 01. It obtained many national and international successes. To 22. February 2000 was born its daughter Antonia, father is it life companion, former three-Springer André Ernst, who worked also as Melanie Paschkes coach. 2001 succeeded to it a comeback and it became with the German relay world champion in Edmonton. With a size of 1,68 m it had a match weight of 54 kg.


  • 1993
    German Meisterin (until 1996)
    German Hallenmeisterin (until 1998)
  • 1994
    Europameisterin (4x 100m relay)
    third the EM (100m)
    second the resound EM (60m)
    Europacup third
    Weltcup second
  • 1995
    second the resound WM (60m)
    Europacup Siegerin
    Universiade Siegerin
  • 1996
    Europacup second
  • 1998
    resound Europameisterin (60m)
    third the EM (200m)
    second the resound EM (200m)
    Europacup third
  • 2001
    third with German resounding championships
    the world champion with the 4x100m-Staffel
  • 2002
    German Hallenmeisterin
    EM-second 2002 with the relay


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