the term melody (v. griech.: melos = song + odé = desert) the sequence of tones designates in the time , thus (in the note picture) in the music both vertical and horizontal component of the organization of tonesand sounds. As a combination of different pitches and clay/tone lasting is it one of the musical parameters.

Melody designates strictly speaking

  • a singable consequence of tones, the way, closed
  • in itself, and/or. Vertonung of a song and
  • a topic of a largerPiece of music.

The classical music often places one or more topic tables a melody (n) against at the beginning of a work, which are then processed in the further process (motivische work). Most clay/tone sequences, which generally linguistic usage are called „melody “, become in the music science topic calls.

In the jazz the melody forms the starting point for the improvisations after the harmonies.

The linguistics knows melody in the transferred sense as the sentence melody, thus the modulation of the being correct height during the expression of a sentence.

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