Melodram (music)

Melodram designates a work or a part of it in the music, in which spoken text and music alternate or are not sung to run off at the same time, however, differently than with the opera, apart from possible Begleitchören . The term is derived from the Greek words “melos " =Weise and “drama " =Handlung .

Konzertmelodramen 5 film music


work on] of origins as possible forerunners of the form to the music in William Shakespeares plays or the old-Greek tragedy, in which rhythmic speaking of the actors was underlaid by music possibly. In addition existed a tradition in the Protestant school dramas, which were accompanied partial with improvised music.

the Melodram as independent stage work

Jean Jacques Rousseaus Pygmalion (1762) is considered as the first large independent Melodram. The music, still from the text separately, serves ago as Untermalung of the dramatic Pantomime between the spoken sections. In George Anton Bendas Melodramen (e.g. Ariadne on Naxos, 1774), is under-painted the language, similarly a Rezitativ, from dramatic music ringing out at the same time. Also Goethe wrote a Melodram, Proserpina, which was toned by two composers of its time. Above all Bendas Melodramen were to in 19. Very popular to century inside, at the same time however were composed in this time hardly more works, which were exclusively melodramatisch.

Melodramati sections in the concert hall

impressed by the expression strength of the kind, began end 18. Century some composers to provide their operas with melodramatischen sections. Already in the Mozarts Zaide seem to two Melolog numbers mentioned, and particularly the French opera composers of this time used this style means gladly. However above all two Opernmelodramen became famous: One in the dungeon scene of Beethovens the Fidelio, where speaking is used as increase to singing: Leonore is to dig the grave for its own man - the oppressed tension does not find sung emotional expression. The other one is the wolf ravine scene in weber free contactor, where dämonische cold weather is eye-pressed by max and Samiel by non--singing.

In the follow-up of these two frequent opera composers Melodramen at the dramaturgischen turning points of their works began. The composers of the Viennese school developed a rhythmically specified speech singing, whose pitches and only approach are only partly noted as language melody shown to become to be supposed. Examples for this are in Alban of mountain operas Wozzeck and Lulu as well as Arnold of beautiful mountain opera Moses and Aron, in that the title figures by speech singing and sung Kantilene to be characterizing from each other set off and the burning thorn shrubs and. A. by a speech choir one realizes.

Also in Operette or Singspiel often Melodramen at the high points are, mentioned are here the key scene into the merry widow, likewise in Brechts/Weills three-groschen opera (Melodram between Mackie and Polly). In the musical finally the Melodram is likewise a frequent style means.


apart from the dramatic employment was, particularly in 20. Century, the Konzertmelodram a common kind. Arnold beautiful mountain used in expectation (so-called. Monodram, Melodram for a person) and Pierrot Lunaire a thought out notation for the speech voice, in which pitches are suggested, which are not however under any circumstances out-sung, but are to ring out in the speech clay/tone.


also many scenes in the film, which are underlaid with film music, would know film music in the broader sense, when Melodram regard.

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