Memphis min never

Memphis min never (* 3. June 1897 of Algiers, Louis IANA, † 8. August 1973 Memphis, threshing floor lake) was an US-American Bluesmusikerin.

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childhood and first photographs

you was born as one of 18 children close by of new Orleans as Lizzie Douglas. In the year 1904 the family Douglas moved then after barrier, Memphis. One year latermin ever, which carried at this time still the pointed name Kid Douglas , its first guitar did not receive to Christmas. With 20 it already arose with its friend Willie Brown in the environment. In the year 1929 it made their for its life companion at that time together with Joe McCoy,first disk admission. In the next five years they took up further plates. There they did not use its alias Kansas Joe and Memphis min ever.


pulled Chicago 1933 to Chicago, where they took up still some pieces together. There in this time min never alreadymore frequently alone photographs and succeeded themselves at the same time it took to Joe ever more from its shade to solve, came it 1934 after its last common admission to separation. Gradually did not begin to be established min ever in Chicago. It brought some pieces in together with changing partners, toit 1939 on Little Son Joe met, with which it together-played starting from this time. It appeared also on all to its plates up to its death as a composer. This is unusual in the regard that he up to this time never as a composer in featurehad not stepped and its songs themselves had min ever before composed.

In this time min ever and Son Joe were not regularly to guest in 708 the club in the East 47th Street in Chicago. Admits from this time is also its Monday parties in of the Gatewood's tavern, whereit unknown colleague a possibility for the occurrence gave. Also it, if in their eyes of equal musicians arose, participated in talent competitions, which it won with beautiful regularity. It is well-known, which provoked it already once Muddy Waters for a glass whisky.

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In addition, return after Memphis and

career retreat to the 1940er years oscillated it between Chicago and Memphis constantly back and forth, lived briefly once in Indianapolis and Maryland. 1952 did not take then min ever its last commercial admission, arose however still until 1955 regularly. 1958 returned it with Son Joe together to Memphis. There it arose still quite often and gave besides starting for so some younger colleagues, a few useful Tipps gave it to who. At this time was she financially already so badly that themof social welfare assistance to live had.1960 suffered it an impact accumulation, were bound starting from this time to the wheelchair and had finally into a nursing home. Son Joe died 1961. In the nursing home she got patronage of numerous fans. Memphis min ever did not die to 6. August 1973.


arose at a time as Bluesfrau, when the musicians regarded the Blues still as pure man thing. In order to become generally accepted in this time, its only chance lay still male to give oneself as their male colleagues. It aligns, drank, smoked,played maps and flogged themselves. It is delivered that it flogged its partner Little Son Joe already once before the eyes of the public on the stage.


it 1980 taken up to the Blues resound to OF Fame.


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