Notice Cunningham

notice Cunningham (* 16. April 1919 in Centralia, Washington) is an US-American dancer and Choreograf. At the beginning of its career it was regarded of many as a very talentierter dancer, who wastes however its talent with daring dance experiments. Four decades later its position than one of the prominent heads of the modern dance theatre is undisputed.


Cunningham studied years dance in Seattle starting from end of the 1930er. Cunninghams teacher there, Bonnie Bird, had engaged John Cage as a musician for the dance department. Cage introduced the dance students to unorthodox ideas over the relationship of dance and music. 1942 pulled Cunningham to New York and took over numerous main roles with the New Yorker Martha Graham thanks company. In the same year it began to sketch own choreographies with music of John Cage. In the course of the time the dance and the music became both ever more independently from each other, and into the early 1950er years was finally the only connection between dance and music the simultaneousness of their presentation. The painter Robert noise mountain often sketched the sceneries for Cunningham.

Cunningham followed the methods of Cage, which used these for its compositions in the choreography. Each movement can follow every different one, and each movement is permitted. In the arrangement Cunningham began such as Cage stochastic processes. Both wished themselves to imitate nature in their impact. The use of the coincidence released Cunningham from the restrictions of the habit and intuition and opened motion possibilities, which it would differently not have found.

1953/54 developed the notice Cunningham company, for which John Cage and David Tudor wrote the music. Ten years later the notice Cunningham company went on a six month's Weltournee; many appearances had to be extended because of large success. In America, where the troop had first only few appearances, led the world-wide positive resonance to an intensified interest. Since that time the Cunningham company goes regularly on tour through the USA.

With its appearances Cunningham was limited not only to traditional MUSE temples, but specified its choreographies also in museums, stages and on public places, z. B. on the Markusplatz in Venice or in the Grand cent ral station in New York. Also with film and camera Cunningham experimented and created particularly on the film-technical possibilities co-ordinated choreographies.

Cunninghams of works are nowadays in the repertoire of ballet and dance theatre companies in the whole world.

it received the renowned honor Praemium imperial one, „the Nobelpreis of the arts to 2005 “.

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