Mercedes Benz

radiator figure and plaque at a Mercedes Benz W110
Mercedes Benz truck of 1932

Mercedes Benz is a German automark, which originated in to 1926 with the union of the Daimler engine society of God-dear Daimler and the Benz & Cie of Carl Benz. The passenger cars of the mark belong today together with Smart and May brook to Mercedes the Car Group of the DaimlerChrysler AG.

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vehicles of the mark Mercedes Benz

under the mark Mercedes Benz almost all types are driven out by vehicles:

Fahrzeugtyp Artikel
Transporter Mercedes-Benz-Transporter
Lkw Mercedes-Benz-Lkw
Busse Mercedes-Benz-Bus
Unimog Unimog
Aktuelles Flaggschiff der Mercedes-Benz-Fahrzeuge: Die neue S-Klasse
Aktuelles Flaggschiff der Mercedes-Benz-Fahrzeuge: The new S-class

of the moreover one under the mark Mercedes Benz the following vehicles on basis of the groups of models specified above are offered, which are manufactured partially also by outside firms:

Motor vehicle type of general articles
leisure and travel mobile travelmobilely
special vehicles of employment vehicles
of special protection vehicles
rescue car
patient carriage
special commercial motor vehicles

from 1973 to 1991 under the name MT Trac tractors were beyond that produced.


Mercedes double Phaeton 28/50 HP (1905), Musée national de the l'Automobile

name Mercedes comes from the first name of the daughter of the businessman Emil Jellinek, Mercédès Jellinek, which ordered 1900 36 vehicles in the year to the total price of 550.000 Marks at the Daimler engine society (DMG) in CAN place with Stuttgart. 1902 were protected the mark Mercedes. The noticing the star well-known for the mark was registered 1909 as registered trade mark and is used since 1910 also as radiator symbol.

Mercedes Benz 300 S Coupé (1951-1958)

the noticing the star is excessive quantities according to by the marking of the job of God-dear Daimler in (Cologne) - Deutz on a postcard to its family developed.

The star marks other excessive quantities to consequence the products in the early period of the company: Engines to country, to water and in air.

Mercedes 540 K aus der Harrah-Kollektion
Mercedes 540 K from the awaiting ah collection

the Daimler engine society closed 1926 under leadership of the German bank with the competitor Benz & Cie. together and Daimler Benz formed AG. From it the new label name Mercedes Benz resulted.

Gladly uses, but the designation “Daimler” is not correct for a Mercedes Benz. God-dear Daimler sold the right of the use of a name “Daimler” for cars for “all times”. In Conventry/England therefore since 1907 Daimler are manufactured, since 1960 identically constructed with Jaguar. The Ford company possesses today by the purchase of Jaguar (1990) the right of the use of a name at Daimler. See

William Friedle, operations director of Daimler Benz AG in the work Sindelfingen from 1927 to 1935, that brought assembly-line to Germany.

For a long time Mercedes Benz is in the engine haven actively, among them also in the formula 1. Already early Mercedes with the legendary „silver arrows obtained “under Alfred new farmer victory around victory.

1955 one terminated the commitment first, after it came with the 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans to the up to then heaviest accident in automobile racing history. Only 1988 entered the enterprise again work-moderately into racing. Today the mark is represented again with the formula 1, together with McLaren educates to Mercedes Benz since 1995 the team McLaren Mercedes.

largest recall action of enterprise history

to 31. March 2005 recalled Mercedes Benz world-wide 1.31 million passenger car of the current e, SL - and CLS class . This was the largest recall action in the enterprise history Stuttgart company. Reason for this recall action were errors in the electrohydraulical SBC brake assembly. Thus the brake assembly switched into a emergency operation, whereby the braking distance was necessary extended and a higher pressure on the pedal. Due to this error it had already given accidents with damage in Germany and Denmark.

Passenger car models with four, six and eight cylinder engines, which were manufactured between June 2001 and November 2004 , are concerned. Mercedes does not offer the SBC brake system in the new S-class to the series W221 since 2005 .

permissions in Germany

Year number of permissions per cent of the total permissions
2005 343,895 10.30%
2004 360,418 11.03%
2003 369,069 11.40%
2002 386,638 11.90%
2001 394,416 11.80%
2000 395,389 11.70%

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