Meret Oppenheim

Meret Oppenheim (* 6. October 1913 in Berlin; † 15. November 1985) was Swiss a surrealistische artist and Lyrikerin.

Often “only” as “MUSE of the Surrealisten” designation, Meret Oppenheim is however one of the most important representatives of the magic Surrealismus.


was born Meret as a child Hamburg physician Erich Alfons Oppenheim and his Swiss Mrs. Eva Wenger. It received their name after Gottfried of cellar Meretlein from becoming green Heinrich and was Evangelist educated. During the First World War it pulled with its nut/mother after Delémont in the house of grandparents. Afterwards from 1918 to 1932 the family in stones in the southwest of Germany, increased in the meantime to three children, lived close Swiss border.

During its youth she had made friends herself with the literature of Goethe, the romantics, Gottfried of cellar , Rilkes and Hesses. After completing the elementary school in stones it visited the upper six-form high school in tuft home, a Privatschule in cell, the Rudolf Steiner school in Basel, gentleman guardians the girl boarding school in king field and the high school in Lörrach. Merets favourite fan were German, history, drawing and natural history. The designs in their mathematics booklet pointed already early their way out, them wanted painter to become.

Already its grandmother Lisa Wenger visited the academy of arts in Duesseldorf and was a painter and famous child book authoress. Thus Meret came already promptly into contact to art-creative like Hermann Hessian, who with Merets aunt Ruth Wenger was married some years.

1931 decide it to likewise become artist and drive with the friendly artist Irene Zurkinden 1933 to Paris. There she becomes acquainted with Alberto Giacometti and Hans Arp , those by their work is fascinated and her invited in the salon of the Surindépendants to issue. In this time, in which them operated in the circles of André Breton , Marcel Duchamp and max Ernst, some well-known art objects developed like the famous fur cup of Déjeuner EN fourrure and mA gouvernante - my nurse - my child girl ", those from Alfred Barr jr. for the museum OF decaying kind in New York were acquired. One Ray photographed it 1934 in the picture cycle Érotique voilée, which brought in it the call of the “MUSE of the Surrealisten”. In order to bridge and something money earn a period of reduced circumstances, it made 1936 also mode drafts.

1937 participated it in a group exhibition of the Surrealisten. Afterwards a work crisis followed. It returned to Switzerland, has contact to the group 33 and visited there the vocational school and, in order to receive thorough training regarding their technical talents. But it leaves the school after two years again. 1939 took part Meret in an exhibition for fantastische furniture and showed there among other things a table with bird feet.

In the year 1949 she married Wolfgang La Roche and lived with him up to his death 1967 in Berne. 1954 were overcome their crisis and it referred in Berne its own studio. Later, it sketched two years to 1956 costumes and masks for Daniel Spoerris production of Picassos play like one desires at the tail packs.

At 1958 their intensive work began and often fell back it to sketches, drafts and ideas of its Paris time. 1967 had it a retrospective in the modern Museet in Stockholm and starting from 1972 lived and/or. she worked alternating in Paris and Berne.

1974 and 1975 it had further retrospectives in the museums of Stockholm, Winterthur, Duisburg and received to 1975 the art price of the city Basel. 1981 appeared a publication of their poems with silk screen printings under the title Sansibar and to it followed a similar work with the title Caroline .

1982 were honoured Meret with the large price of the city Berlin and it participated to documenta the 7 in Kassel . 1983 were inaugurated the Oppenheimbrunnen at the orphanage place in Berne and 1985 created it well sculpture a l'ancienne école Polytechnique in Paris, de for the Jardins.

Before their death it became short member of the academy of the arts in Berlin. On the day of the sneezing legend to its book Caroline, to 15. November 1985, dies Meret Oppenheim.


  • “Déjeuner EN fourrure” (breakfast in the fur) 1936, museum OF decaying kind New York
  • “mA - my nurse - my child girl " gouvernante 1936, museum OF decaying kind New York
  • “Le couple”
  • “table with bird feet”, 1939
  • “measures Gardénia”
  • “the squirrel”
  • “Kannibalenfestmahl”

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