Noticing village (middle Franconia)

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Wappen von Merkendorf Deutschlandkarte, Position von Merkendorf hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Middle Franconia
district: Ansbach
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 12 ' N, 10° 41 ' O
49° 12 ' N, 10° 41 ' O
height: 429 m and. NN
surface: 26.07 km ²
inhabitants: 2.991 (31. December 2004)
Population density: 115 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 91732
preselection: 09826
Kfz characteristics: AT
municipality keys: 09 5 71 177
city arrangement: 13 local parts
of the city administration:
Market place 1
91732 noticing village
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Hans Popp (citizens' forum non-partisan WG)

noticing village is a city in middle Franconia in the district Ansbach (Bavaria).

Table of contents


geographical layer

noticing village is because of the edge of the Frankish sea-country.

local parts

noticing village is divided into the local parts:

  • Bammersdorf
  • dry yard
  • Gerbersdorf
  • Grossbreitenbronn
  • Heglau
  • deer-laugh
  • Kleinbreitenbronn
  • noticing village
  • Neuses
  • tri village
  • forest-hit a corner
  • white brook mill
  • will village


the first documentary mention of noticing village dated from the year 1249. Already in the year 1398 noticing village receives municipal rights.


local council

the local council from Leutershausen build themselves up from 15 advice women and councilmen, including the full-time mayor.

CSU citizens' forum/non-partisan voter community old citizen entire
of 2004 5 7 2 14 seats

(conditions: Local election at the 3.März 2002)

coat of arms

in silver continuous red bevels (St Andrews cross), occupies with a black anchor.

culture and objects of interest


  • local history museum in the tenth barn

of buildings

  • historical old part of town


  • nature open-rir swimming pool

economics and infrastructure


noticing village are because of the federal highway B 13, close of the federal motorway 6 (connection point 52 - Ansbach).

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