Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard (* 6. April 1937 in Bakersfield, California) belongs to music to superstar of the Country -. It plays a rauere, blunter form of the Country, in which also its own hard life way reflects itself.

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childhood and youth

Merle Haggard 1937 in the environment were born by Bakersfield. Parents and two brothers and sisters lived in this time in a converted truck. Its father workedfor the Santa Fe Railroad and brought a regular income with home. To before Merles birth the family in Oklahoma lived briefly. Into the 1930er years became by the large depression (economic crisis) and the Staubstürme in the Dust in such a way specified Bowl the existencemany Farmer threatens. When then also still the farm house of the family burned down, they decided, how many other “Okies “to emigrate to California in order to find work in the agriculture there.

As Haggard died its father was nine years old. While its nut/mother worked,in order to nourish the family, Haggard was accommodated with relatives. With ten years it tore the first time from at home. On a goods train was direction the north. With twelve years he taught himself to guitar plays. It began with that sequels ofPieces of Bob Wills and Hank Williams, later he became enthusiastic for the music of Lefty Frizzell. Several years long it played nearly without exception Frizells Songs and adapts gradually its style.

Its first paid appearance had it 1951 in Modesto. Togetherwith a friend it played the evening for five dollar. In these years Haggard came regularly with the law into conflict and repeated in youth prisons and reformatories was instructed. Between them it pierced itself with smaller jobs. He was among other things a cook and truck driver, andit made music. 1953 gave its Idol Lefty Frizell a concert in Bakersfield. Merle created it to play it some Songs. Frizell was in such a way impressed that Haggard in this evening was allowed to arise together with him.

Its life was further coined/shaped of music and violations of the law. 1957 becameit with a break-down gets and spent the following three years in the prison San Quentin. To 24. February 1969 gave here Johnny to cash one of its legendary prison concerts and Haggard sat in the auditorium. Deeply impressed he decided to dedicate itself from now on to the music completely.


If first successes work on

1960 on probation dismiss, he followed the Country scene of Bakersfield, which had gained during its detention enormously significance. Rising star was bends Owens, which coined/shaped the Bakersfield sound. Haggard played as a substitute in the Lucky Spot club. There make friends himself he with Fuzzy Owen, which should become later its manager. Owen possessed a small disk company. Haggard brought the self-composition in Skid Row , which was out published on the B-side of Owen's Singin' My Heart . Altogether 200 Singles were pressed.

1962 drove to to Merle read Vegas, in order to visit a conception of Wynn Stewart. It had to speak the opportunity, a few Songs, whereupon Stewart accepted it immediately to its volume. Shortly thereafter Haggard Stewart asked, its new composition sings A Sad Song takes up toomay. It Haggards second single, again produced of Fuzzy Owen, and it became a Top Twenty hit, which established Haggard in the Country scene of Bakersfield. Followed further plates, which sold themselves increasingly better. 1965 it arranged own volume:The Strangers. Its firstNummer-1-Hit had it 1966 with The Fugitive. 1967 it reached four times one behind the other the point of the Country Charts, among other things with auto+biographic mummy the Tried.

“Okie from Muskogee”

1969 copied Haggard, allegedly from a mood, the account verses Song Okiefrom Muskogee. After the legend those drove to volume during a Tounee by the small place Muskogee and it a few jokes over the name was torn. From this a Song, in a “Hinterwälder “- thus a rural, developed white, poor American outthe Southern States with small education - over the langhaarigen Hippies, the hashish and LSD pulled and set against to them the values of the quite-creative, conservative Southern State American consume. In the time of the anti-Viet Nam protests and social paging Haggard had met exactly the spirit of the time, by he thoseGefühle der Menschen wiedergab, die sich nicht mit der aktuellen Entwicklung identifizierten, sondern von ihr irritiert oder abgestoßen waren.

Before the Song in the Studio was brought in, spoke him Merle and its volume in a concert in Forth Bragg. The GIs raved before enthusiasm. MerleHaggard said later, he had felt in this moment that this Song was something special, and that he really reached for the first time his public.

The Song polarized accordingly strongly: While the liberals accused Haggard betrayal, conservative circles were inspired by the Song, Richard Nixonbecame alleged over night its fan. Okie became natural from Muskogee the hit - not least because of its in-usual melody - and Merle Haggard became also beyond the Country municipality a term.

Country superstar

the first single after Okie From Muskogee, The Fighting simmers OF ME, struck text into the same notch as Oakie from Muskogee: Herein he criticized the opponents of the Viet Nam war and denied to them the Patriotismus. The Song created it likewise to the point of the Charts. Successes continuedto center of the 80's. Its largest hit was If incoming goods Make It Through December (1973) and its Duett with Willie Nelson, with which they interpreted 1985 Townes Van Zandts Pancho and Lefty. Altogether it had 23 Nummer-1-Hits in its career - its latter1987:Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky star. 1994 it dipped the last mark into My NEXT one would also accumulate into the Country Hitparade. Taken up in the same year it to the Country music resound to OF Fame.

2001 succeeded to it with the respect success of roots of volume. 1small comeback. Here, was not oriented with a similar marketing concept as with Johnny of cash American Recordings, not on the Mainstream - to aim to achieve Countrycharts, was tried but a recent public that itself rather at Independent - music.

Merle Haggard is considered as one the creative Singer/Songwriter of allTimes. With its nasalen, sometimes quäkend working voice he created it over decades to address public and critic equally. Its economically instrumented and arranged Songs work authentically and ungekünstelt.

The specialized journalist walter fox said once: “Merle Haggard is exactly the type, which one actually behind Johnny cash would assume. But while so hard and brutally working cash course-broke to only one night in a prison, that sat nearly tenderly and very sensitively working Haggard altogether seven years behind lattices. “

Diskographie (selection)

  • Strangers (1965)
  • Just Betweenthe Two OF US (1966)
  • to Swinging Doors/The Bottle Let ME down (1966)
  • I'm A Lonesome Fugitive (1967)
  • sing ME bake Home (1968)
  • putting OF Bonnie & Clyde (1968)
  • mummy Tried
  • Introducing My Friends, the Strangers (1970)
  • tributes ton the Best Damn Fiddle Player(1970)
  • Hag (1971)
  • Someday We'll Look bake (1971)
  • Let ME Tell You About A Song (1972)
  • It's emergency Love (But It's emergency bath) (1972)
  • If incoming goods Make It Through December (1974)
  • Merle Haggard Presents His 30th album (1974)
  • My far-wave tons of Elvis (1977)
  • I'm Alwayson A Mountain When I case (1978)
  • Serving 190 Proof (1979)
  • bake ton the Barrooms (1980)
  • bend to town center (1981)
  • Going Where the Lonely Go (1982)
  • A key OF Yesterday's Wine (1982)
  • Pancho & Lefty (1983)
  • Chill Factor (1988)
  • 5:01 Blues (1981)
  • Blue Jungle (1990)
  • universeNight Long (1991)
  • 1994 (1994)
  • 1996 (1996)



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