Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep (born to 22. June 1949) is an US-American actress of high repute. After Jack Nicholson is it that American Filmdarstellerin, to which to today most film prices were lent, among them two Academy Awards (Oscars).

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early career

Meryl Streep one bore than Mary Louise Streep in Summit (new jersey) , the USA. You from the Netherlands coming father, Harry Streep Jr.high-level personnel was in a Pharmaunternehmen. Its nut/mother Mary was Grafikerin of Irish, Swiss and English descent. The name Streep is Netherlands for line or strip and decreases/goes back to its sephardischen ancestors, whom the original surnames measurer-carve changed, as itin 15. Century - supposed from fear of pursuit - from Spain into the Netherlands fled [1] (English). It has two brothers and sisters, Harry (Choreograph) and Dana (bank employee).

In September 1978 Meryl married the sculptor Don Gummer, with that itfour children has: Henry, Mamie, Grace and Louisa. Otherwise little is well-known over their private life, because it is endeavored much to keep their family away from the public. She becomes gladly with the words” I is an actress, after thatWork home goes. “quotes.

Meryl Streep buildup in close proximity to Bernardsville (new jersey) , where she studied drama at the Vassar college. It closed its study with a master OF Fine kind the School OF drama at the University of Yaleoff. 1977 began it their film career with a role in Julia (film), 1978 followed of those by hell go. For its achievement into those through hell to go it became with OSCAR - a nominating for the bestfemale Nebenrolle recompences. In the course of its past career Meryl Streep was 13 times nominated altogether 13, 10 times as a best Hauptdarstellerin, three times as the best Nebendarstellerin. It holds thereby the record as a usually-nominated actress of all times, still before Katherine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson with ever 12 nominating. It won the OSCAR up to now twice, as the best Nebendarstellerin in shopkeepers against shopkeepers (1979) and as a best Hauptdarstellerin for its role in Sophies decision from the year 1982. There however Katherine Hepburntheir OSCAR nominating all together for the best main role received, and the honor to altogether four times win, Hepburn could as the usually premium ores actress is usually regarded.

later career

Meryl Streep very successfully set its career in the 80's-yearsaway, among other things with roles in Woody Allens one-had, the loving of the French second lieutenant, Silkwood, the other world of Africa, wolf milk and greetings from Hollywood. Admits became it furthermore for its representation of the Lindy Chamberlain in the film Cry in the darkness, the largest Mysterien Australia tells one to which, i.e. disappearing the straight born daughter Chamberlains and their letting in that a Dingo would have robbed the child. Meryl Streeps cry” the Dingo ate my baby! “becameperhaps since then often parodiert, among other things in its field, where Elaine says,” the Dingo ate your baby “. In addition numerous web pages greet the visitors with an audio tie-clip of the set of” The dingo took my baby “.

Meryl Streeps of most successful film characters are emotionalmatures women, who are forced by outside causes for a revision of their life concept, which imperturbable they had considered. Beginning of the 90's was accused it - despite unanimous acknowledgment for their being able relating to crafts - by some critics, it was fixed on the representation of” cold “characters, whose humanity is not opened for the public directly. Eventuell war dies der Grund dafür, dass sie in den folgenden Jahren eine größere Bandbreite an Rollen spielte, so zum Beispiel in der Farce Der Todyou stand well at the page Goldie Hawns, in the film version of Isabel Allendes the spirit house, 1995 into the bridges at the river (this role is often regarded as its large comeback), at the wild river - their first andso far only Actionfilm - or also in the comedy the Teufelin. This does not mean however by any means that she became no longer fair their call as one the completely large ones of the industry, which her with her representations in Marvins of daughters oralso in music OF the Heart - for this film it learned violin to play even - impressively underlined.

In recent time Meryl Streep spoke now and then in the English original of different Zeichentrickfilme, thus to examples in some consequences of the Simpsons or King OF the Hill, and it borrowed its voice of the Blue Mecha in A.I. - Artificial intelligence of Steven play mountain and Stanley Kubrick. Further it played at the side of Nicolas Cage in adaptation, and directlyfour roles in the HBO - version of Tony Kushners piece of sechs-St and EN of angels in America. With OSCAR winner it played NIC oils Kidman and Julianne of moorlands in The Hours, likewise in the year 2004 played it the role decreasing/going back on Angela Lansbury inRemake of the Manchurian candidate and with Jim Carrey, Emily Browning and Jew Law in Lemony Snicket's A Series OF Unfortunate Events. In the same year the president of the Manhattan Borough proclaimed C. Virginia Fields the 27. May to the” Meryl Streep day “.

In July 2002 Meryl Streep returned after nearly twenty years the stage, where she played the role of the Arkadina in Anton Tscheschows the sea gull in the context” publicly of the Theatre Revivals “. In the same performance stepped under thatDirection of Mike Nichols also Kevin Kline, Natalie Portman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher milling, Marcia Gay Harden as well as John Goodman up. This all star ensemble exercised a so large attraction that the spectators 17 hours for thosefree tickets to line up had. Meryl Streep assured its participation already to 2006 for the summer again, this times for the title part in Bertolt Brechts nut/mother courage and their children in a new translation in English by Tony Kushner under thatDirection of George C. Wolf.

In October Meryl Streeps youngest film Prime came into the US-American cinemas. In this film it plays an amusing role at the side of Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg. Two further films alsoyou are at present in production and are still 2006 to appear:Robert Altmans A Prairie Home Companion and The Devil Wears Prada - a comedy with Anne Hathaway.

films (cutout)


OSCAR (13 nominating/2 honors):

  • Honor
    • 1979 - as best Nebendarstellerin, in shopkeepers against shopkeeper - shopkeeper vs. Shopkeeper {“Joanna shopkeeper”}
    • 1982 - honor as best- The French Lieutenant's go to Hauptdarstellerin, in Sophies decision - Sophie's Choice
  • {
    • Sophie”} nominating 1978 - as best Nebendarstellerin, into those by hell - The Deer Hunter {
    • Linda”} 1981 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, into the loving of the French second lieutenantWoman {“Sara Woodruff/Anna”}
    • 1983 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in Silkwood - Silkwood {“Karen Silkwood”}
    • 1985 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in the other world of Africa - Out OF Africa {“Karen”}
    • 1987 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in wolf milk - Ironweed {“Helen”}
    • 1988 -as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in cry in the darkness - A Cry into the Dark {“Lindy”}
    • 1990 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, into greetings from Hollywood - Postcards from the Edge {“Suzanne Vale”}
    • 1995 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, into the bridges toRiver - The Bridges OF Madison County {“Francesca Johnson”}
    • 1998 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in family thing - One True Thing {“Kate gulden”}
    • 1999 - as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in music OF the Heart - music OF the Heart {“Roberta Guaspari”}
    • 2002- as best Nebendarstellerin, in adaptation - adaptation {“Susan Orlean”}

golden Globe (15 nominating/5 honors):

  • Honor:
    • 1980 - as best Nebendarstellerin, in shopkeepers against shopkeeper - shopkeeper vs. Shopkeeper
    • 1982 - as the best Darstellerin - drama, into thoseLoved one French second lieutenant - The French Lieutenant's Woman
    • 1983 - as best Darstellerin - drama, in Sophies decision - of the Sophie's Choice
    • 2003 - as best Darstellerin in a mini series or a television film, in angels in America - Angels inAmerica
    • 2003 - when best Nebendarstellerin goes, into adaptation -

BAFTA (9 nominating/1 honor)

  • honor
    • 1982 - asbest Darstellerin, in into the loving French second lieutenant - The French Lieutenant's Woman

Emmy (3 nominating/2 honors):

  • Honor
    • 1978 - as best Darstellerin in a mini series,in Holocaust - Holocaust
    • 2004 - as best Darstellerin, in angels in America - Angels in America
  • nominating
    • 1998 - as best Darstellerin in a mini series, in … roofridge DO NO Harm

screen Actors Guild Awards (7 nominating/1 honor):

  • nominating
    • 1996 - as best Darstellerin, into the bridges at the river - The Bridges OF Madison County
    • 1997 - as the best occupation as well as S. References,inMarvins Töchter - Marvin's Room
    • 1999 - als beste Darstellerin, in Familiensache - One True Thing
    • 2000 - als beste Darstellerin, in Music of the Heart - Music of the Heart
    • 2002- als beste Besetzung zusammen mit s.References, in The Hours - The Hours
    • 2002 - as the best occupation as well as S. References, in adaptation - adaptation

Cannes film festival

  • 1989 - honor as a best Hauptdarstellerin, in cry in the darkness - A Cry into the Dark

American Comedy Awards

further one

  • 2004 - American film of institutes would run achievement award
  • 1976 - Tony - Nomination: Featured Actress in A Play, in 27 Wagons fillOF Cotton
  • 1995 - screen Actors Guild Best Actress, in The River game



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