Messier 99

the spiral galaxy
Messier 99
Messier 99 (also called NGC 4254) is +9.90 likes bright spiral galaxy with a surface expansion of 5,3 ' × 4.6 ' in the constellation hair of the Berenike.

M99 became to 15. March 1781 together with the neighbouring spiral galaxies M98 and M100 von Pierre Méchain discovers. It was, after the Whirlpool galaxy M51, the second galaxy, whose spiral structure was discovered, from lord Rosse in the year 1846. It commentated its discovery with the lines (translation from the English after [1]):

„Spiral with a bright star over it; A thin part of the fog extends beyond this star. Main spiral lies down and clockwise rotatingly. “

M99 is a galaxy of the Hubble type sports club, which almost frontal we see. Peculiar at the shape of the galaxy is however its slipped core, which lies in the picture clearly north the center of the spiral. The galaxy is because of the northern edge of the Virgo galaxy cluster in the close of the Spiralgalxie M98. There are presumptions the fact that the slipped core and the proximity of these two galaxies are not coincidence but on a flyby in the past points together [2]. This speculation is fed additionally by the fact that both galaxies possess opposite and at the same time high peculiar speeds.

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