the metallurgy is a subsection of the materials science and materials technology, itself with the production and processing of metals and alloys of the 1. Stage to semi-finished material employs. A synonym for metallurgy is metallurgical engineering, which is however less and less used, around changed contentsto underline the field of activity. The metallurgy uses among other things results of the metallurgy, which dedicates itself to the research of metals and metallic materials.

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the subject of the metallurgy


procedures cover extractive metallurgy the extractive metallurgy as a component of the metallurgy, in order to extract ( primary production) or from using metal (scrap iron) new alloys win from ores the metals (secondary production).


in the process stages of the Refining the won metals are released from impurities and the desired alloy composition is manufactured. The multiplicity of the metallurgically profitable metalscorresponds a multiplicity of specific refining and finishing processes.


in the 1. Stage of metalworking becomes the metal by prototype (bspw. Pouring, electrolysis orSinter procedure) and transforming processes (bspw. Walzeln, Schmieden, or presses) to an intermediate product, the so-called semi-finished material (pig, slab, sheet metal), process.

special forms

Nebengebiet of the metallurgy is for example the Archäometallurgie, with which on the subsections of the metallurgy specified above earlier times one enters.


the fundamental talents of the extractive metallurgy and - treatment the Jungsteinzeit in the last section , which develops copper time , became. First elementarily occurring metals were processed such as gold , silver and copper. The oldest copper finds from that 8. Millenium v. Chr. originate from Anatolien. Well-known humans of the Jungsteinzeit from Europe are Ötzi, with whose mummy a copper hatchet was found.

The Jungsteinzeit went first within the Uruk - to civilization around approximately 3500 v. Chr. into the Bronzezeit over. To this central area tin - bronze - technology belong to that Egypt and the areas of Palestine, the Levante and Anatoliens. By alloyage of the copper with tin very many harder materials could be manufactured, with which in addition by pouring quantity production became possible. But however talents had to be developed for extractive metallurgy.

In the last millenium v. Chr.with smelting of iron one began. This and the simultaneous beginning of the use of the writing marked the end of the prehistory.

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